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A collection of failures, disappointments, and pain that always ends in death.
Fuck my life.
by Master916 March 21, 2013
Slang for laxative because of the tasty cinnamon flavored cereal that you should never ear because it gives you a TERRIRBLE CASE OF THE SHITS!
Whenever I feel constipated I just open a box of life. Then can shoot the shit with the utmost sluge and ease.
by Johnny Kickass June 26, 2005
test to get in to the heavens above
your example is what your living
by morgan91396 June 18, 2005
I shitty piece of shit that sucks I'd rather be with my friend Joey that died in a car reak or like zack who got shot in the head 2 times
Really sucky and I wanna die
by goth/punk chick May 12, 2003
a long agnized illness only curable by deth
ahhhhhhh hhhhh hhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ggg ggg
by iluvlesbians January 21, 2005
A crusty piece of smeg which I am holding onto for my only true friend.
by wgas August 14, 2003
I'm high on life.
by Pandaemonium October 30, 2003