It starts off easy. You're a baby, and no responsibilities are expected of you. And then you start school. And once you're a teenager, your parents will expect more and more. Then, when you move out, you have to keep a job, and eventually a family. On top of all this, you have to stay alive through everything life throws at you. You have choices, and lots of experiences to be had.

But what's the reward for going through all the tough times? Death. Yep, you'll just die no matter what. Some religions believe there is an "afterlife", and I believe there is too. But if there turns out to not be an afterlife, then I'll be pissed. (Or not, since I'd be too dead to be pissed.)
You shouldn't be able to die of old age. You should be able to die of everything else but. And your body should stop aging at about 25. That would be an amazing life. At least you'd probably have better chances of an epic death then just fading away over time.
by Life sucks but it has moments. October 09, 2010
The act of getting level 99 skills on Runescape.
Person A: Hey, how's your life been?
Person B: Pretty good, I have level 99 fletching AND cooking.
by Donaldowoo August 08, 2007
The period of existence for the souls of human beings in which their deeds will determine their future residence, whether in heaven or in hell. A good, or sucking, time depending on what is going on.
Don't take life too seriously. Your possessions mean nothing. Your lifestyle means everything.
by Soldier Of A Down May 12, 2005
life is a total bitch and then u die
life is fucked up in every single way possible
by Jessica May 02, 2005
A waste of time.
Why waste time living, if we're all gonna die sooner or later?
by K.BRM March 24, 2005
A gift which we are born with to, at some point, devote to someone worth dying for.

Ironic it seems that we must lastly lose ourselves in order to truely find ourselves...
Too many years have I been floating in the iridescent pool of dreams we call a life. At last I have followed your search light back to its source which ultimatly led me to my safe home, myself, my life, you: Danielle.

I love you <3
by Dimmu80 February 03, 2004
Hell..I dont know...There is no definition for this word...I have never discovered the meaning
Just a lost cause..another word stuck in my damn head because of this DICK tionary
by DrDatokerJ May 09, 2003
Life is rigged. :/
I declare shenanigans!
by vigilant observer April 17, 2005
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