1) Life is a horrible time in which finally ends at death... Unfortantly it doesn't end soon enough

2) Something the rich(2nd-1st class) complain about, and the poor(3rd) strife.

3) Something God(I'm a God freak, so what?) gave us and we destroy. And not only with drugs and alcohol. TV, computer(my flaw!), bad language, public school, the list goes on

4) Something that I have not experianced... I'm writing in the Urban Dictionary, spend my days online... I mean, come on!
1) Don't worry about life, friend. Another day you live, closer to death you are!

2) Reg teen girl: "Life sucks!"
Me: "There are people living off of what you through out into the trash! Try living before you complain about it!"

3) Dude with a death wish: "I'm going to kill myself!"
me: "Why? God gave us life to live? Why end it before you're time."
Dude: "Grow up, kid. Then you'll know there is not God."
Me: " :/ "

4) That stupid red teen girl agn!: "Life sucks!"
Me: "Wouldn't know. Don't got one."
a fatal disease.
everyone with life dies eventually..
by sapass May 25, 2003
A meaningless torture. Giving us an unavoidable destination

of our deepest fear, and giving us the intelligence to foresee it.
Despair of humanity...LIFE
by Like A G6 January 07, 2013
to Life
verb: to slander, down talk, or give a uncalled for amount of shit to another person, for some small or meaningless reason

other uses: to life, getting lifed, lifing someone
dude 1: so my damn teacher totally fuckin lifed me in front of the whole class today
dude 2: i know he's a dick but why the hell would he life you like that?
dude 1: i dont know, i guess cuz i was late, but it was only like 30 damn seconds
by gergle November 12, 2008
When something is "life", it is something really awesome.
That is fucking life!!
by aofgwjdd August 08, 2008
Here is the best way to put it your born and your wearing diapers your a teenager having fun playing sports your an adult drinking lots of friends having sex and driving your a dad working hard little friends taking care of kids old man back in diapers
life is a like a gas gauge F is fun E your ooutta time
by Waterguy June 03, 2008
Something that stinks sometimes, a living hell, and it's not always fun and games, but at other times, it's good, like heaven. Don't always see the bad side of life, because you have to take the bad with the good.
Life stinks because of: drugs, gangs, crime, diseases, inflation, wars, poverty, taxes, rejection, discrimination, natural disasters, injuries, weapons, nuclear bomb, hot weather, terrorists, divorce, death, backstabber, racism, prejudice, pollution, global warming, pedophiles, scumbags, torture, etc.

Life is good because of: marriage, cars, party, food, medicine, friends, family, girlfriend/boyfriend, music, culture, dance, hobby, arts & crafts, beautiful girls, money, ability, strength, airplanes, babies, church, counseling, college, bikes, concerts, think, police (most of the time), resuaturants, surprises, etc.

Just because I can't think of anymore, it doesn't mean that it doesn't make life good or bad. Take the good with the bad. If you though of it, but it's not there, it's apart of it if I left something out, but that would be too many on the other hand.
by Beastieman August 19, 2007
The act of getting level 99 skills on Runescape.
Person A: Hey, how's your life been?
Person B: Pretty good, I have level 99 fletching AND cooking.
by Donaldowoo August 08, 2007
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