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a "liesexual" is generally someone who claims to be bisexual, but is actually only straight or gay (most often closeted homosexual males who are very slutty and will have sex with females and pretend they are hetero, but are truly gay). the word liesexual should not be applied to slutty college girls who make out with each other- it is a serious illness and those who participate are generally not so obvious or attention seeking.
jay talks about all the hot girls he wants to fuck and leads them on, but the truth is he's an insecure liesexual who has lurid affairs with many different men.
#bisexual #liesexual #liesexuality #in the closet #wings #gay #teases #liars #fakes #frauds #homosexuality #switchhitters #mann gegen mann
by arbeitmachtfrei October 29, 2006
Term used to refer to girls/women, usually ranging in age from their teens to early 20s, who claim to be bisexual but are in fact just skanky, attention-whoring straight girls who are trying to be trendy. Most are in fact obsessed (solely) with cock and have taken up liesexuality for the sake of gaining male attention. They are an affront to real lesbians and society in general.
Liz won't shut up about how she made out with some girl once as if it's some kind of an accomplishment. She's such a liesexual.
#heterosexual #skanks #sluts #bisexual #trends
by 2345434 February 15, 2013
A term used to describe a man who "comes out" as bisexual or gay, but is really only doing it for attention/the ability to hopefully see females getting changed during his role as gay bff.
He's doing it for attention, he's Liesexual
#gay #lesbian #bisexual #lie #attention #gay bff
by samstinator June 14, 2011
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