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When some obviously Caucasian woman or girl proclaims some portion of her ancestry as being native American, without proof, and continues to claim such ancestry when her narrative crumbles, and evidence arises that not only is she not what she claimed, but her direct ancestors may have participated in any number of historical actions working against the interests of real American Indians. Further complicated by her ascribing and reporting on federal government forms such minority status, even though there are criminal penalties associated with purposefully misrepresenting such status. Made even worse when her employers make use of that status to highlight their diversity bonafides, quite possibly denying real American Indian descended but fully qualified applicants from real positions.
After evidence that her family participated in the trail of tears, the candidate for the Senate from Mass. was exposed as a lieawatha. Sadly she did not do the honorable thing and resign from the campaign, or her position at a formerly prestigious east coast school.
by Kranky One June 04, 2012
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