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A nice way of saying you want to go down on your girlfriend.
"Do you want lickles babe?"
by HuggySteve December 06, 2011
2 0
To tickle by licking.
Samantha started to lickle Mandy and made her laugh.
by Jeff D September 03, 2005
141 60
a cuter way of saying little
lickle mc= LITTLE mc (it's rather obvious)
by simren May 24, 2007
95 45
A cross between a lick and a tickle. A ticklish lick.
"Yo she just lickled my balls"
by Valk October 02, 2006
22 36
to tickle with your tounge.
Last night my boyfriend thought he was turning me on but he was just lickling me.
Nasty, you just lickled me!
Stop lickling me you're getting slober all over me.
by Angela A, Schoenbauer January 18, 2008
13 28