A reference to a dinosaur refering to a chronic lesbian who is constantly giving oral sex to other females.
Brenda is a fuckin lick-a-lotapuss
by Your face! God dammit! August 01, 2011
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Lesbian Dinosaur
"Look at that chick with green spikes. shes some fukking type of lickalotapuss"
by Nardo May 05, 2003
A dinosaur who derived it's name by it affinity for oral sex.
If Stuber was a dinosaur, he'd be a lickalotapuss.
by Woodreaux Wilson May 12, 2008
A lesbian dinosaur, lick-alota-puss
What do u call a lesbian dinosaur......Lickalotapuss
by Austin Burger December 09, 2007
a lesbian: usually a lesbian dinosaur
them two bitches over there are a lick-a lot-a-puss
by yo greasy-greasy grandma March 07, 2005
A person or persons that love to eat pussy during sex.
Baby just lay back , and let this lickalotapuss do his job.
by The Glassman January 03, 2008
A lesbian dinosaur old ass lesbians stone age pussy eating dirty butt sluts
look at them old stone age ass lesbians bitches
I bet they lick-a-lot-a-puss
by donnie123h November 19, 2007

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