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To perform the act of cunnilingus. muff diving carpet munching rug munchingcunnilingus
'what happened last night Dee - 'I got 3 lick jobs'
by SE10 May 25, 2012
When a person licks somebody's body, anywhere between the neck and thighs.
Jake and his girlfriend were out of condoms, and she didn't want to give oral sex so he gave her a lick job.
by NotAVirgin May 10, 2006
to please a woman or women orally
John, you naughty little boy, come to bed and give your big momma a lickjob
by Jaron Smith October 20, 2005
informal word for cunnilingus
last night my boyfriend gave me a great lickjob.
by cguys2 August 17, 2010
The act of preforming oral sex on a male or female by swirling your tongue around their penis and balls or vagina and clitoris
You dont blow or suck, but you do give a lick job....
by Puddin' Tang March 28, 2011