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what you say to someone when you're fresh out of clever retorts. (also, lick me sack)
some smart guy: "In my opinion your mother is a whore."
you: "Lick my sack."
by kyle marx April 15, 2003
Something Phil Anselmo shouted on Pantera's 1990 album, "Cowboys from Hell."
My stand is the human race
Without a label or a face
So they can lick my sack - "Hesresy," Pantera
by Ben A April 09, 2006
too caress the ball sack with your tongue, usually not by preference.
gay guy to timid gay guy who is still ion closet: Dude, lick my sack or I'll shove my cock in your ear.
-lick my ponch
-lick my scrote
-shave my ball sack with your cats tongue
by SkinnyPete January 05, 2004
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