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libertyxkills is a popular girl on youtube who makes random videos about nothing. she used to be obnoxious and annoying (to some people), but she calmed down a lot in the past year. she used to be very popular on myspace but she deleted her myspace account because of to many people stealing her pictures and faking as her. her younger sister is deardesiray, also known as desiray crunkk. they are both popular on youtube. libertyxkills also has a couple videos of her singing on youtube, she used to have more but they got deleted. some people would classify her as a scene queen, but she is more girly now. a lot of ppl call her a bitch and self centered, but she is really nice and replies to all her fans, i would know because i have her on facebook!! if you wana see her youtube her channel is libertyxkills
libertyxkills is a really nice girl on youtube
libertyxkills and deardesiray are sisters
by RaInBoWwaterCOLORS August 05, 2011

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