a section in Miami down NW 12th Ave that if u dont kno anybody around there, dont stop in that area for anything. and at night, jus stay away from there completely.
if u on NW 12th Ave in Miami and start seeing a bunch of long pink buildings, and a bunch of crackheads, hoes, and suspicious lookin people, u in liberty city.
by anonymous April 24, 2004
Top Definition
An area in Miami that if you go in, you won't come out. Well, except in a bodybag.
Liberty City is bounded by 41st St to the South and 73rd St to the north.
by DADE COUNTY 305 July 09, 2004
A horrible part of Miami. If you're from out of state or even town don't even stop there for gas.
Nerds like Jack Diesal don't even realize Liberty City is an actual place in Miami, FL and not just a fictional city in GTA 3.
by Dime Bag Darell July 27, 2006
One of the black ghetto areas of Miami where a lot of drug dealing, prostitution, gang violence, and killings happen. Also one of the areas that you don't want to be in at night riding around or walking with anything expensive, even during the day time.
A boy got robbed in broad daylight, two men got killed during broad daylight, a bus got pelted with rocks at night and on that same night a girl got raped. All of these cases are unsolved and no witnesses have stepped forward as of yet. All of this happened in the projects of Liberty City known as PSU.
by PleaseIgnoreMe May 16, 2011
libert city is a city miami's nw miami-dade section and also a fictional city in grand theft auto refering to new york city.
liberty city is in miami. the real city
liberty city in gtaII is refering to nyc the fictional city
vice city refers to miami in the gtaII vice city
by smart miamian March 24, 2008
The crime infested industrial and commerical epicenter in GTA3.
Liberty City is quite an ironic name.
by boxcoolbox January 06, 2004
The setting of Grand Theft Auto III (PS2). A city full of glamour and corruption, as well as Yakuzamen, Triasd, Lobos, the Mafia, and other gangs. Consists of three sectors (Portland, Staunton Island, and Shoresdale Vale). Themed as a blend between New York City and Chicago.
Man, did you hear about that murder in Liberty City?
by Wingman February 15, 2005
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