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gunji/coolie capital of the world, located in queens, nyc. consists of hundreds of roti shops. it also consists of 90% of the worlds most retarded coolie people. if you're a person of guyanese/trinidadian decent there is a 99.9% chance u will meet a relative here
Person 1:Aye bai, go round di corna and get me some doubles
Person 2: where dat de?
Person 1: oh skunt liberty avenue bai, go to anne's roti shop
by videsh May 01, 2005
Guyanese / Trini / West Indian hood in Richmond Hill, Jamaica, Queens. Home to nightly after-club fights and stabbings.
tree coolie banna get rob on liberty ave.
#coolie #guyanese #trini #liberty #jamaica
by michael1112 January 08, 2007
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