A modern word for someone who politically combines Libertarian views and Democracy, short for (Libertarian-Democrat). They assert that Democracy functions best on smaller scales. They place hopes of decentralizing representative-democracy. Mostly all of them I've listened to, believe in the democratic appeal of social justice, but they reject modern government and hope for the possibility of a practical one with state control being reduced to a minimum. Economically, they hold to the idea of attaining a common sense free-market, with production being held individually and collectively, so that people have the liberty to choose what best fits them. A lot of them I've heard, say the only thing that should be held in common is land itself; seeing land as something that all individuals should have equal right of access to.
Most of them come off as know-it-all's. They're usually alternative lifestyle people or neo-hippie like.
They can sometimes be mistaken as Anarchistic or Communistic, but they don't believe in having no government, nor do they believe that a state dictatorship should rule and control everything the people do under a moneyless society. No, they're just a dreaming Libercrat in their own utopian minds.
by Shapeshifter89 June 24, 2013
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a citizen who wishes the Libertarian party was more organized, and has to vote for democrats because the republicans are insane.
Guy: Who did you vote for?
God: I voted libercrat because George W. Bush has lost it.
Guy: Jesus Christ!
by Ajax Sanderstone September 25, 2006

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