The act of bringing a female into a state of not being a virgin. This process is permanent. Artificial means of restoring the original state may seem to be physically possible, but in reality, it is theoretically and philosophically invalid.
"Then it happened again. Two years later, I am now with Christine in her apartment, letting our base instincts take over. Logic and Rationality's hold on us were slowly fading, and liberation would be taking place any minute now."
by simoncpu June 03, 2005
Top Definition
american for 'carpet bombing'
tone blair, 'lets liberate iraq'
george dubya bush 'u sure we got enough bombs'
by steevy price price price March 22, 2003
The act of liberating.
Liberating: to liberate.
Liberate: to release into freedom
Freedom: an illusion of the feeling that you can do whatever the hell you want.
Little Timmy walked up to his friend George and exclaimed, "Hah biotch ! I've just liberated your sandwhich" As he did this, he swiped George's Turkey and cheese sandwhich and ran.
by The Dutch Caribbean July 22, 2004
punching and or kicking someone in the balls
(punching in the balls) you have just been liberated in the game of liberation
by JimmyWilson May 16, 2009
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