Also one of the greatest (if not the greatest) song by Disturbed.
Liberate your mind
You motherfucker, you're so narrow-minded
So narrow-minded
Liberate your mind
Now motherfucker, will you liberate your mind
This time

Bold motherfucker
Don't limit your mind
Can't you see that the pace
Has fallen behind
All the hate in your heart
Will be leaving you blind
So bold motherfucker
Don't you limit your mind
This time

Waiting, for your modern messiah
To take away all the hatred
That darkens the light in your eye
Still awaiting, I.

"Out of Zion shall come forth a law
And the word of the Lord from Jerusalem
Nation shall not raise sword against nation
And they shall not learn war anymore
For the mouth of the Lord hath spoken"

Waiting, for your modern messiah
To take away all the hatred
That darkens the light in your eye
Still awaiting, I.
by Keael January 09, 2006
Top Definition
v. Politically correct term for destruction or the causing of pain and turmoil.
"Daddy, why hasn't mommy moved since you liberated her?"
by Jesus March 26, 2005
to steal or appropriate something
He must have attempted to liberate a frozen dinner from their house, because they jumped down his throat the next day.
by The Return of Light Joker June 16, 2009
When you annihilate something, usually with an explosion, based upon actions took by the American army who claim any place thats destroyed by them is "liberated"
can be assigned to individuals to, especially muscley americans
chuck norris liberated that hut

you liberated that deoderant can

youve been liberated

i liberated them good
by Mr Birling April 28, 2009
To kill, torture, and rule imperially.
Nationalist: I'm so glad we liberated those Iraqis!
Socialist: Yeah, the more people we liberate the fewer hate us.
Nationalist: Isn't it great how that works out?
Socailist: If I'm ever liberated, I'm going to come back from the dead and liberate you back for not getting my sarcasm.
by Socialist Realism May 15, 2006
Verb meaning to invade a country in order to steal its natural resources and then to shoot all the locals.

Corruption of an earlier word meaning "to free" (the kind of word statist wankers are unlikely ever to understand because they're too busy getting secret gay hard-ons from each other's uniforms and macho crap talk even while going round trying to ban gay marriage and be total homophobes because they won't admit to themselves that being right-wing is just a way to get turn-ons).
"We had to destroy the village in order to save it" (US marine commander in Vietnam)
by troops out of iraq April 20, 2004
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