Political: Someone who thinks from the left side of their brain rather than the right. Thinking emotionally without a rational explanation to back up their choice politically.
Liberal ideas are the opposite of Conservative ideas. Liberals act without thinking. Ex: "It's mean to kill someone..." Yes it is, but if the person is a psychotic murder, I believe they do have the right to death since they did not value another human's life when taking their life.
by ndh777 February 06, 2009
hippies who dont give a fuck about your beliefs, like Al Gore (see Lucifer or Satan) and hates Bush
liberals are Uber wrong!!!!!!
by Alexandros Republicanus February 02, 2008
Somebody stupid enough to think that Federal Government should have a lot more power than local governments.

They actually think that some stuffed-suit in Washington D.C. knows what's best for the citizens of every single different state, city, and town in the United States from a Federal viewpoint.
That dumb liberal wants to raise my taxes here in Florida, to help pay for after school art classes for kids in Montana.
by Jimmy Fartpants February 10, 2006
Liberal; (noun) 1.) a person who supports liberal or left-wing politics. 2.) Socialist, Marxist, communist or anti-American politics.

Liberalism; (noun) Political beliefs founded on irrational hate, fear mongering, intolerance and treason. Liberals are typically obsessed with the belief that everything bad in the world is actually good and everything good is actually bad.

Rather than basing their political beliefs on facts, truth, science or evidence, liberals generally rely on rumors, stereotypes, prejudice, fear, hate and illogical emotions. Those liberals in positions of prominence or power are experts at turnabout and blame-shifting tactics to avoid having to defend their baseless actions and propaganda. They typically accuse the accuser, blame the innocent and defend the guilty, while simultaneously claiming to be the voice of justice and reason.

Liberals have a severely distorted view of the human race, history and the world in general. They like to believe in a Utopian fantasyland where everyone and everything lives in peace and happiness. Despite 10,000 years of history and the ridiculous absurdity of such notions, they still cling to these childish wishes. It is ironic that the world would actually have a chance of living in relative peace & happiness if it wasn’t for liberals.

The harm they have caused and the lives they have destroyed are immeasurable.
In addition to being purely evil, Ted Kennedy and Rosie O’Donnell are liberals.
by Shagbajones September 17, 2010
A person who can also be called a hippy who has no apparent moral beliefs.
They call themselves accepting but they never accept christians.
Don't get them angry or they'll scream and curse at you.
"Those liberals rallying for gay rights again?"
Conservative: listen to me
Liberal: What? Shut up!
by Sone911 April 09, 2007
ok i'm sure that some liberals are pot smoking hippies but if all pot smoking hippies were liberals that would mean hyde would also be one along with all of the other people on that 70's show (dont worry, i know that this show is ficticious) however i am a liberal also and i do not worship john kerry or any other politician for that matter you people are really stupid if you think that we do it seems more like the conservatives worship bush and his family. so i guess you think we are hippies because we give a thought to the environment hmmm riiite yea we suck so much because we dont want everyone to painfully die from the suns rays. not
conservatives suck yes they do
by me February 23, 2005
A very politically ill-informed socialist masquerading as U.S. citizen. Liberals generally exercise the use of a loud voice to win arguments. Liberals will sometimes gather to protest a subject that they feel is very important, inconveniencing hundreds that are trying to get on with their lives.

A notable protest in Washington occurred when a few Liberals got together and thought that perhaps they should bring traffic to a complete halt in order to show the masses what they were sure was important, using garbage cans and their own bodies to their advantage.

Many people are frankly surprised that those stuck in the traffic jam did not "run them the fuck over" - referring especially to the woman with a broken arm who was trying to make it to the emergency room.
Conservative: "It was Clinton's fault for dumping military funds into our national debt! How could you think it was Bush's 'failed policies' that brought on trillions of dollars of debt!? If we were going to prevent further terrorist action, then we had to go to the source to stop it."

Liberal: "9/11 was just an excuse for oil, moron!"

Conservative: "You're not even listening-"

Liberal: "Moron!"

Conservative: "S-"

Liberal: "MORON!"
by a very pant November 10, 2008

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