someone who breaks with tradation
someone who belives in governental controlls of monetary interactions, but freedom of personal actoins.
He's liberal - with my money.
by boohay July 19, 2003
Nearly every person located in and around Hollywood, California that:

a. possesses a SAG card.
b. receives free designer apparel and accessories and requires bodyguard service for red-carpet events.
c. works press junkets for cinematic excrement with $50 million budgets.
d. requests to be a guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show every time they donate money to charity.
e. shoots poison into their faces in a futile attempt to fight the aging process.
f. wears hokey t-shirts declaring their support for a Presidential candidate, when it really is a private issue that shouldn't be gratuitously advertised like a Superbowl ad.
g. Awkwardly waxes-political during "Access Hollywood" interviews, rather than just promoting the latest cash hemorrhage some studio financed.
h. never misses a massage.
i. never misses a photo op.
j. never misses the Vanity Fair Oscar party.
k. never contributes a dime to the myriad plights many Americans are suffering (i.e. Hurricane Katrina victims are STILL displaced, some American kid is aging out of the Foster system as I type this, teachers are some of the hardest-working, underpaid people in this country), but goes out of their way to adopt foreign kids, raise awareness about genocide in Darfur or hire an illegal alien to clean their 7,000 sq. ft. Los Feliz home.

Rare exceptions: Chris Rock.
"It sure would be nice if those trend-whoring liberals in Hollywood would just shut the hell up and leave political debates to the people who can manage a declarative sentence without using the words 'like,' 'totally,' and 'um.'"
by Opie Cunningham October 24, 2008
A large group of millions of people and politicians who are rapidly losing respect and credibility. Ever since 2001, their acts of hypocrisy and hatred for the American right has showed their true colors to the entire nation. After the disastrious presidential campaign failure by John Kerry and the badgering and racial slandering of Condoleeza Rice to prevent a voting for her being in the new secretarial position, the liberals hopes, dreams, credibility, and social/moral standing are quickly going downhill.
The lame-o-crats have lost yet another election and are currently doing everything in their power to hinder Bush's efforts. Not that they HAVE much power, anyway.
by The Loyal Bush Legionary January 25, 2005
Modern liberalism in America is simply not true liberalism. it is actually closer to statism. Statism is the idea that the state should control and regulate aspects of life. Liberalism, in its originally intended form, as described by Henry Thoreau, is exactly the same as modern conservatism. Conservatism in the United States is the conservation of the Founding Father's liberalism, classical liberalism. modern liberalism is simply statism and socialism.
"...liberalism is a misnomer for the liberals. If we were back in the days of the Revolution, so-called conservatives today would be the Liberals and the liberals would be the Tories." -Ronald Reagan
by Thomas Washington Thoreau July 18, 2010
Liberals dont worship John Kerry, i bet a fuckin "conservative" would have a shit fit if "liberals" bashed them and called them tight ass bush worshipers.
I support Gay Marriage, does that mean im un american or a hippie? Well excuse me for wanting equality and not wanting gays to be discriminated.
This "war" is stupid, theres still mass murder, mass murder of the hopeful soldiers fighting for no cause. I support the troops bravery, but the war has to end. bring em home!
Oh yeah the news..totally biased.
me:Hear about the genocide in DARFUR AFRICA on the news lately?
some dude:No whats that?
me:Violence and mass murder in africa, there crying for help, but no one is helping.
some dude:What news ch? the only news i see is about guys trying to jump from the empire state building, maurys sex scandal and TomKittens baby.
me:figures..society today..
some dude: whatever, you liberals always complaining about things and wanting to help some hopeless cause.Im gonna go buy some clothes, do my hair and do ma nails, cuz chris brown is in concert
by wattaheeet5 April 28, 2006
Fuck Liberals! They suck AIDS-infected homo balls!
That's a fact, Jack!
by damyankee April 17, 2005
Hateful term applied to anyone smarter than George Dubya. If it weren't for liberals slavery would still be completely acceptable. Liberals are often called Un-American for having common sense. Apparently Common sense is now only a European trait. Often picked on and despised for questioning questionable leadership as if we should follow our leader (reguardless of who) off a bridge without question. Liberals are despised for thinking for themselves as Republicans always blame the non-existant "liberal media" for the problems and turn to Fox news for their daily intake of rightwing bullshit which they like to call "fair and balanced"
Liberal: I voted for John Kerry because I think he's more qualified to lead our country.

Moron: You're Un-American
by Aaron March 29, 2005

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