Liberals are so smart.They're super smart.

That's why they do super smart things like appoint Dean as their party's chairman.
Howard Dean says: "YEEEEEEEAAAARGH!!!!"
Hate Americans but love terrorists.

Want to understand the terrorists feelings.

Want to understand child molesters feelings.

Want to understand mass murderers feelings.
You get the idea.They're mentally ill.
by liberalism is mental illness February 19, 2005
someone who believes in lassiez-faire capitalism
A classical liberal, Hiram questioned the need of government to control the market.
by AUSTIN STONEMAN September 24, 2003
One who suffers from "unus-mutorum-populorum" disease, or "one of the dumb people" disease. "UMP" is a disease in which one begins to contrive fantasies about how the world should be. Some, the more heavily effected, actually try to change certain things about society in favor of their mad agenda induced by this illness.

Known symptoms of "UMP" disease are: allowing illegal immigrants to pass over the borders of one's country, favoring universal healthcare, and wanting to legalize homosexuality.

Known method(s) of treatment: decapitation and/or mercy killing the subject

Known method(s) of prevention: thinking logically

Note: One is most likely to catch "UMP" if he or she is slow in the head or irrational.
Person 1: Hey Larry, how's it going?

Person 2: Not too good Bill, I'm worried about the whales and getting citizenship for my friend Pablo. He arrived last week on a leaky raft.

Person 1: (looks in horror) You' of them, the liberals!

Person 2: What?

Person 1: You've got "UMP"!

(Person 1 takes out saw and decapitates person 2)

Person 1: For your own good Larry

Person 2's Spirit: Thank-you Bill. Now I can finally be free from the Devil.
by Dr. Jack O'Hara January 10, 2006
A word that doesn't mean what it used to. Today, a liberal is one who has not been educated on why communism and socialism fail.
When asked, the liberal agrees that free health-care and a re-distribution of wealth among American citizens is, in fact, a great idea.

When the same liberal is asked who Vladimir Lenin was, he responds, "Yeah! He was that guy with the Beatles!"
by nbtrap March 31, 2007
1."any" politician

2.Donkey raping shit eaters like all politicians.

3.fuck off ya donkey raping shit eaters
how would YOU like to suck my balls Mr.Garrison?
by 3ric "fvcking" C4rtm4n January 20, 2005
The people who created the freedoms you live with.
Liberals helped form the Union and rights for employees.
by NickGXZ April 10, 2005

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