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The most butchered and corrupt word in the English language.

Originally meant somebody who believes in individual liberty and personal sovereignty, now means the complete opposite. Modern "liberalism" is an authoritarian collectivist ideology that is much closer to fascism and Communism than classical liberalism, with modern liberals believing that big government is the solution to every problem.

The funny part is the actual reason behind the corruption of this word, which was conservatives calling statist-socialists "too liberal" for supporting things like the legalization of homosexuality, the separation of church and state and soft drug laws.
Modern liberal: I support freedom of speech for everyone but extremists and haters.
Classical liberal: Everyone should have freedom of speech no matter how far their views stretch from the norm, after all it is those for whom freedom of speech exists to protect.

Modern liberal: People shouldn't be allowed to own guns because they're dangerous.
Classical liberal: When guns are criminalized, only criminals have guns. Everyone should have the right to defend themself and their property from criminals and tyrannical governments with a firearm.

Modern liberal: Marijuana should be decriminalized, taxed and regulated by the government.
Classical liberal: All drugs should be completely legalized to be grown and traded by whoever wants to grow and trade them. What somebody grows, trades or smokes is up to them, not the government.

Modern liberal: A high income tax is a necessity.
Classical liberal: Income tax is theft by thugs with guns.

Modern liberal: The government should be there to make sure people don't make bad decisions.
Classical liberal: People should take more personal responsibility for themselves.
by I wish I had a wittier name March 02, 2009
Dumbass americans who make the job of the current president 10 times more difficult than it should be with their protesting his every move.
People who have act un-patriotic, but get offended when they are called so. Even though they show no support for our troops overseas.
Hypocrites who would fly the american flag following 9/11 on their cars, offices, homes etc. but would denounce and be ashamed of it when our government tries to seek justice for the acts wronged.
Even bigger hypocrites for wanting to feel safe, and crying that we need to feel safer, but attack bush when he proposes a great idea that has been proven to work against terrorism.
Pot smoking hippies who rather put a tree's life or a dolphin's life before the life of his fellow american.
People who are ok with having lost 18 soldiers oversees, and for sake of losing face or another soldier decide not to seek justice and pull out. (That's you clinton)
Dumbasses who complain that bush shouldn't be in power, saying that he got placed by the supreme court, but who seem to forget that bush was rightly voted into office for the SECOND time in 04.
Angry and bitter people who are upset that they no longer have control of the government and most likely wont for a long long time.
"Did you see those liberals protesting against the war"?

"Yeah, they're also a member of the ACLU"

"That's funny, so they get to enjoy civil liberties, and fights when they are challenged, but they are against the people from the middle east having the same liberties?!"

"That's how they are, fucking hippies"
by porchmonkey August 20, 2006
.A person, in general, who is much more educated and informed than the average conservative. Who thinks an expert trained in their field is more knowledgeable than a talk show host. Who thinks we on earth should solve our problems rather than the invisible man in the sky. Who can back up what they say by checking facts and sources. Who knows the difference between facts-knowledge and faith-belief. Who believes in science and doesn't think scientists are conspiring to present falsities as facts to advance some sinister agenda. Who cares more about people than money. Who love more than they hate. Who knows a system based on greed can not fulfill the greater good but instead empowers con men, and all manner of criminals. Who understands that the rich and powerful will lord over everyone else unless the government imposes some restraint. Who fought for workers rights, such as the abolition of child labor, the 40 hour workweek, overtime pay, workers comp.,the right to organize collectively, equal rights and pay for women and many many other rights. All of these advances were fought by the cons. Most of which they would turn back if they could. Who want to progress into the future rather than retrogress into a fairy tail past.
The more educated one is the more likely one is to be humane, liberal, and agnostic.
by show me or blow me October 26, 2011
Officially the most annoying people in the world.

They seek the downfall of the worlds morals , but they will it because they themselves think they are being moral. They want to replace true morals with twisted morals.

Most of them are actually athiests/non religious but are trying to be moral and "good" people for no actual reason , and doing it the completely wrong way.

They try to speak for equality and acceptance , but they refuse to accept people who aren't warped like them. So in this sense they are also hypocrites.
Liberals are those people who , despite not being gay themselves and have no gay friends either will defend gay peoples right to shove each others dicks up each others shit holes to the death , for no known reason.

They care more about gay peoples rights than actual gay people even care about gay rights.

They also quite like to defend peoples rights to kill babies.

They are NOT good people like they like to think they are.
by FuckLiberals82347 August 06, 2011
An ideological group driven by emotion rather than reason. Truly believe they're intellectually superior to everyone else, much to the amusement of everyone else.
Conservatives/Independents/Libertarians: We really can't afford to buy everyone in the United States a house, car, and private jet.

Liberals: Think of the children!1!!!1!
by RO191 June 11, 2010
Liberalism is the belief in a large and powerful centralized government. This does not mean that every liberal is a communist, but it also doesn't mean any thing about "looking after the oppressed" like so many seem to think it is.
As far as modern liberalism goes, they usually support issuses such as abortion, socialized health care, and the anit-war movement.
Many of todays liberals are composed of college age and younger teens who tend to be more ideological(i.e war is bad in all cases.)
Liberals:Al Gore, John Kerry, and that sister that went to collage and then came back screeching about the plight of wemon in this country
by meatsnacked March 16, 2008
The best political party to date. Accomplishments include, but not limited too.

1. Not teaching god in school.

2. Being part of the smarter people in America.

3. Legalizing abortion.

4. Legalizing Gay marriage

5. Having motherfucking Bill Clinton


Millions of other liberals: NO SHIT!!
by MADDOXPATT January 11, 2010
In American politics, a liberal is one who believes that more government is the answer to everything.
Government: "Just sign your life over to us, and we'll take care of everything..."

Liberal: "Okay!"
by isurus October 01, 2008