The most butchered and corrupt word in the English language.

Originally meant somebody who believes in individual liberty and personal sovereignty, now means the complete opposite. Modern "liberalism" is an authoritarian collectivist ideology that is much closer to fascism and Communism than classical liberalism, with modern liberals believing that big government is the solution to every problem.

The funny part is the actual reason behind the corruption of this word, which was conservatives calling statist-socialists "too liberal" for supporting things like the legalization of homosexuality, the separation of church and state and soft drug laws.
Modern liberal: I support freedom of speech for everyone but extremists and haters.
Classical liberal: Everyone should have freedom of speech no matter how far their views stretch from the norm, after all it is those for whom freedom of speech exists to protect.

Modern liberal: People shouldn't be allowed to own guns because they're dangerous.
Classical liberal: When guns are criminalized, only criminals have guns. Everyone should have the right to defend themself and their property from criminals and tyrannical governments with a firearm.

Modern liberal: Marijuana should be decriminalized, taxed and regulated by the government.
Classical liberal: All drugs should be completely legalized to be grown and traded by whoever wants to grow and trade them. What somebody grows, trades or smokes is up to them, not the government.

Modern liberal: A high income tax is a necessity.
Classical liberal: Income tax is theft by thugs with guns.

Modern liberal: The government should be there to make sure people don't make bad decisions.
Classical liberal: People should take more personal responsibility for themselves.
by I wish I had a wittier name March 02, 2009
Technically, Liberalism is at the center of the political spectrum. In UK politics, this position is championed by the Liberal Democrat Party. However, in the US, 'Liberal' is often used to describe members of the Democratic Party, despite the Democratic Party occupying the socialist area of the spectrum, much like the Labour Party.
Jack: Which party do you support?
John: Lib Dem.
Jack: So you're a Liberal?
John: Yep.

Jack: Which party do you support?
John: Democrat.
Jack: So you're a Liberal?
John: No, I'm a socialist.
by themanwhoeatscheese December 28, 2010
Typically, an American who is in support of more personal freedoms, (the right for everyone to vote, marry, protest, etc.) but less economic freedom (in favor of regulated economy and higher taxes for the rich). A liberal falls to the left of the center on a lateral political spectrum, as opposed to a conservative, who falls to the right. A conservative tends to support more economic freedom (less regulation of business and lower taxes for everyone) but less personal freedom (e.g. only straights should be allowed to marry, sex should only be between married heterosexuals, recreational drugs should be illegal)

However, in contemporary America some conservatives and liberals have abandoned much of the anti-freedom pretense (in a personal and economic sense), and have become somewhat libertarian. (someone who believes the people should have as many personal and economic freedoms as possible while still maintaining a peaceful, civilized society)
I'm a liberal, so I won't vote for Sarah Palin, she wants to keep weed illegal and not let the gays get married.
by Muhammajesubuddha. May 17, 2010
retarded bush hating traitors theywant to kill military servicemen put saddam in power want the united states blownup they slash school funding luv child rapers and hate everyone except themselves liberals suck
liberals :i am such a liberal i hate the united states, want to expand welfare, i praise jimmy carter, defend terrorists, did not want the war on terror, love michael moore, and is a complete idiot traitor, and i think everyone who fought in vietnam was a baby eater, go clinton!

(the person who wrote this is not liberal i am just quoting what liberals say)
by fatpenguinzrtakingover November 13, 2005
People who don't live in reality.

People who only criticize everyone else without offering any of their own solutions.

People with no valid arguments because they aren't arguing from any sort of position and so their mind changes like the wind.
John Kerry flip flopped like a screwball and couldn't make up his damn mind and so the people could see that Jerry Lewis would make a better president than dumbass John Kerry!
by John Kerry sucks balls April 25, 2005
The politics of a man with a brain and not a gay obsession with American Nationalism.

Pro abortion
Pro- gay rights
Not obsessed with fairytale books like the bible
Not willing to allow old people to die as they are unable to afford to heat their homes just to promote capitalism
They do not want to arm everyone with guns

Now obviously some liberals go too far and this is what gives them and a bad name and associates them with being a "liberal hippie douche". and promote disgusting policies such as affirmative action (Giving non-whites more rights than whites in essence). And some of them are far too anti-war. But generally they have the correct policies.
by Propane_Nightmares December 03, 2010
1) Aging hippie douchebags who think they know whats best for america.

2) Teenagers, who found it convenient to start being a liberal when pot and sexual experimentation became accessible in their life.

3) That eco terrorist who lives a few houses down from you.

4) Almost everyone in college.

Liberals know that living in tents/compost piles while having free unprotected sex and kissing a gay man's ass is the CORRECT way to be ethically, environmentally, and politically correct.
by Miley the slut April 27, 2009
An ideological group driven by emotion rather than reason. Truly believe they're intellectually superior to everyone else, much to the amusement of everyone else.
Conservatives/Independents/Libertarians: We really can't afford to buy everyone in the United States a house, car, and private jet.

Liberals: Think of the children!1!!!1!
by RO191 June 11, 2010

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