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Mentally disordered.

In want of government control over the people.
Do not care for environment.
Use Global Warming as a fear tactic to get into power.


If the enviro-fascist liberals really cared for the environment, they wouldn't be pushing for the Kyoto Treaty (which would destroy our economy) they would be pushing for government funds to pay to solar panels on houses, electrical powered cars and nuclear power instead of bashing Bush for not being able to pronounce 'nuclear' correctly.

Instead, they want the Kyoto Treaty while brain-washing America into wanting the same think.

The Kyoto Treaty will reduce carbon gases and destroy our economy, leaving the survival of the nation in the hands of the government instead of the free market and freedom.


They Liberals are hypocrites too.

Most supported (Hillary Rodham Clinton too) President Bush in the War in Iraq from the start. Now they want to pull out because of the big mess it has caused.

A pull out will only result in mass chaos because neighboring countries will want Iraq for themselves.

President Bush is doing the responsible thing by staying in and finishing this fight to the end. Making up for what we started.


The media is heavily influenced by the liberals and leftist movements.


Liberals ban teaching God in school, yet allow it for schools to have a 'Moslem day' where you have to act like a Moslem and participate in all the prayers.

Liberals are willing to kill a baby with their right arm and hug a tree with their left arm.

Liberals push the unnatural freak show called gay marriage.

Liberals are a threat to American and our God given freedom.
Liberals: Go to war! Yes! Yes Yes!

Liberal: Pull out! Ahhh! WTF did we do?!?? I know that will only result in mass chaos, but I want to screw everything over!!

Liberal: Kyoto Treaty FTW! Destroy American economy FTW!

Liberal: Brain wash the young! Infiltrate public schools! Influence the media!

Liberal: Ban the teaching of Christianity in schools! Moslem day FTW!

Liberal: Be nice to the Moslems immigrating into America. Just because we have no idea if they will blow of the gas station they work in tomorrow, we must be nice.

Liberal: We can make peace with the terrorists. They only want us dead for a radically-religious cause. We must talk...not fight the killers.

Liberal: That illegal Mexican deserves his right as an American. He was offended. SUE SUE SUE!!!
by Darkish Raven June 01, 2007
an large annoying group of people who make things more fuckin complicated than they have to be.
Liberals: okay everyone! this year: no more Christmas trees!
Random person: Why the fuck not?
Liberals: Cause they contain the word Christ! that might offend people!
Random person: Im about to pop you ass....
by EliteMuse March 11, 2008
A person so openminded that their brains have fallen out.
When Howard Dean screamed on live television, he was a liberal.
by Bob Bobman January 25, 2007
1. Derived from "Liberty", a liberal is literally someone who believes in freedom. This includes freedom of religion, freedom from tyranny, and free markets.

However, American liberals have rejected freedom of the market, and have economically mixed liberal ideals with socialist ideals to create the American liberal. This is someone who supports personal freedom in social issues, and mixed economic initiatives to create greater equality within capitalism.

Typical issues that liberals support are less restrictions on abortions, more restrictions on guns, the equality of genders, races, religions and sexual orientations, and the Separation of Church and State. The American liberal would add on such things as socialized healthcare, environmentalism and greater support for the poor through welfare and greater spending on public services.

Liberal is sometimes used as an insult by their enemies, conservatives. This occurs in the United States, elsewhere liberal is usually a complement. As a result, many liberals dub themselves progressives, which does not have the same negative connotations.
1. "Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both."
Benjamin Franklin

2. "I hate liberals. Stupid pinko liberals are ruining America."
"Yeah, damn liberals and their...their...liberty. Psht, this is America, we don't need liberty. God bless America."
"Hey, wait..."

3. Often thought of as the founder of Liberalism, John Locke said that no state has the right to take away a person's "life, health, liberty, or possessions."
by SpecialKay April 19, 2006
Liberals are whiney, moral-lacking, tree-hugging, pot-smoking, butt-fucking, communists who are poisoning america's youth.

see: asshole,moron,clinton
Liberals like Bill Clinton and his Communist wife Hillary, should die.
by ConservativeGirlsDoItBetter October 28, 2007
A word meaning open minded. Ironic then how the majority of Americans hate liberals and liberalism and yet claim to be a tolerant and free society. Surely some mistake...
He wants free health care, an end to the death penalty and to use diplomacy before war.

Is he european?

No hes a fucking liberal lets all hate him!

Erm no.
by Bez lad, give it a tug, mmmm December 21, 2004
I wish to begin by saying that no definition of Liberal can be found without some personal bias of the author. I myself am a liberal, and although I believe this to be a comprehensive definition, others will define Liberal in a more callous sense. They are mistaken, but that's just my opinion. "Baby killer", for instance, is merely a stereotype of a liberal.

Of the left wing in the political spectrum; liberal is a broad term usually lost in the flurry of stereotypical distinctions like Democrat, Anarchist, Libertarian, Green, or Socialist. Liberals typically value personal freedom and the well-being of others over their own moral opinions. Liberals have been the moving force in American culture for centuries, with the conservatives being the holding force. Liberals were responsible for the emancipation and suffrage of blacks, women's suffrage, the teaching of evolution, and other political decisions considered controversial by the right. Atheists are typically associated with the left, as are gays, blacks, "pro choice" proponents, and American intellectuals. It is confusing to associate either liberals or conservatives with America's financial base, because both sides have wealthy families. America's religious base is more commonly aligned with conservatives, and thus most attacks on liberals are fueled by religious fervor (criticizing liberals on being pro-choice on abortion, on not supporting the War in Iraq, on calling for stricter enforcement of separation of church and state, etc). In recent years, there have been few good representatives of Liberalism, those few being Michael Moore, Howard Dean, John Kerry, and a handful of relatively unknown writers and artists (Howard Zinn, Zach De La Rocha, etc).
Why do conservatives call liberals "commies", even though communists are conservatives themselves? Is it too hard to say "socialists"?
by Mr. Evan June 30, 2005
Many liberals are smart people with reasonalbe views(I am not a liberal,however not conservative either.) However, Many retarted teenagers like the ones that go to my school just watch MTV and say, hay Mike Jones hates Bush, that must mean he sucks. These are the people giving liberals a bad name. Liberals and Conservatives need to stop bashing each other and just fucking do something about the world.
MTV Watching Teenager: Dude, Bush sucks even though I don't know anything about him or what he does.
Any teen with a brain: Shut up you gay poser liberal. You make Bush look like an absolute genius.
by stevedawg13 May 18, 2006