Another lame and misleading word created by the Radical Right. Terms like this are based on Sterotypes that come from the Thought Police of Political Radio.
Hey Dad, The Wingnut down the street told me to join the rest of the Liberal Faggocrats.
by ????^_^???? September 06, 2006
Top Definition
they strip you of your rights and any money you may or may not have and donate it to their causes

funny they won't pay for their cause with their own money since they are rolling in it since they steal everybody elses and they are all millionaires and billionaires and Hollywood actors

they're basically bending you over and buttfucking you Kobe-style or NYPD style with a plunger

they'd grab you by your ankles and shake out your last penny if they could
liberal faggocrats favor a global big brother style of government
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