To pleasure oneself while having metabolic arthritis, or gout.
My gout was acting up today so I went in the bathroom and threw a liam.
by Sleeveless December 05, 2007
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A sexy young hipster male whom likes nothing of the usual sort. He enjoys the company of independent people. Often has a musical talent in the genre of Indie. His life usually consists of independent activities which result in a fully Indie (or Hipster) lifestyle. He also has dreadies.
Liam? Isn't he that Hipster kid?
by Josephisasexgod September 20, 2011
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A person who despite his looks is a good person, I guess.. Well let's just say he's a cool asexual with the sense of humour of a dildo, yeh pretty much hilarious! :P
Speaker 1: Liam is such a weirdo! Total Liam Fan: That's why I likes him ^ ^
by YESI'MRETARDED April 04, 2010
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A boy who catches your eye immediately and knows how to keep your attention. He is always happy and positive matching his gleaming eyes and bright smile which always lights up his face. This boy is nice to almost everyone he meets and is the crush of many wishful girls. He is super popular and athletic. This boy is definately not modest though, he is very full of himself and will constantly remark on his attractiveness.
You're eyes sparkle like a Liams.
by May-be June 02, 2015
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One who sits on msn and has funny looking eyebrows and breaks peoples shins
"Check that guy out he looks like a total "Liam"
by !Lienad July 10, 2008
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i was givin dis guy head da ova day n he had a propa liam.. tiny b.
by MAILYGBID March 08, 2008
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Has the worst fucking haircut in the history of the world. He secretly loves R5 and Austin & Ally, and wants to bang Ross Lynch but he wont admit it. He takes the worst instagram photos ever and will scare away all your followers. One time someone said he was hotter than Sterling Knight but I'm pretty sure she was high.
"Liam is a cunt."
"Liam, your haircut is horrible."
by ross lynch's hoe December 19, 2014
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