short form of "Looking for"
Cute swf lf a swm cyclist.
by WACM July 13, 2006
Top Definition
less fuckable
Tyrone lives in a basement suite that makes him totally LF
by klagster March 13, 2015
Like fuck
Lf you ain't dating her bruhh
by Emman bruhh October 26, 2015
looking for
Tank LF group

16 LF hook up
by hornzdogs October 29, 2009
A gang originating in New York City, seeing themselves as the rivals of the gang LB(lostboyz). Short for Long Foundation
He rockin the white flag, he LF.
by Black Snake August 17, 2007
It comes from the super hero from the webcomic Cyanide and Happiness, who flies down into the scene, wearing a shirt saying "LF" on it, and promptly says "LOL!! FAG!!" to the reader/other characters in the comic, and flies off.
"LOL!! FAG!!"

LF, the abbreviation for lol, fag, is often used in gaming as a burn or insult.
by Jake Kirk February 20, 2007
Short for 'Lebanese Forces'. Ultra right-wing Catholic militia notorious for it's massacres of civilians durring the Lebanese civil war and it's alliance with Israel. Merger of the Phalange, Guardians of the Cedars, National Front, and other assorted baby-killers. In short, total raving psycopaths with guns. Supposedly disarmed in 1990, it still shows up at oppurtunistic moments. Members are generally the most closed-minded and bigottous in Lebanon, and wish to return the country to Christian Hegemony.
My aunt's with the LF, I pretend not to know her.
by tuma September 08, 2006

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