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a girl who is amazingly talented.
Indescribably beautiful. A girl who will stick by your side no matter what, and would fight for you if needed. a girl who is trustworthy, and lovable. a girl who would put others needs first. one of the most friendly girls you will ever meet, but has a rebellious side to her. a freaking amazing friend. one of a kind, who would do anything for you. who would dance and sing in front of a crowd for you. who would be an absolute idiot, right by your side :)
bow down to the most FABULOUS girl you will ever meet. Leylani <3
E.g. : 'OMFG!! thats the one almighty, most talented, most beautiful, most FABULOUS girl!!, Leylani!!!, Can i PLEASE have a picture?!!?!'
by TheMysteryGirl July 10, 2014
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