A fun girl who's really beautiful and good at sports she can be a pain but she can always make your day better she likes buckets and she'll never know why.
Ry: lexy is amazing at sports
by Ket3121 February 14, 2015
The sexiest girl you will ever meet.
Maura: "I wish i was a Lexy" Brittany: "I know, Lexys are always so attractive, they always get the boys"
by Jake999thePlayyya March 11, 2015
Lexy -- short for "Alexus" which is my puppys name. Had to dedicate an entry to her.. i just had to.
Lexy is the cutest puppy.
by Tigre April 28, 2004
a girls name.

usually hated by many but doesnt realize it.
it would suck to be a Lexy type of girl
by fishgirl202 February 05, 2010
My guy lexy firebrace he is ma bay
by lexylova October 21, 2003
One who never shuts up. Trouble maker and idiot extrodinare. Enveloped in her own world, lacking knowledge of the world outside
Lexy is a goof ball and a nut job!
by Scuba Steve numba1 January 09, 2008
A girl who does not realize everyone hates her and believes that she is awesome beyond all reason. She is always hypocritical, and never showers.
Bob: You smell like Lexy!
Charlotte: Ew, Do I really?
by ObamaMama. October 15, 2008

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