Lexis are typically sexy. Their popular. They like selfies. People thinks she's nice but deep down she's mean. She wears crop tops & short shorts. Shes very revealing but. All the men love her. She has two kids and is 18 and she quit school for her kids and works part time and lives in an apparent in NYC. But her and her daughters are best friends. She is an overprotective mom and is depressed yet loves. Her life
TEACHER-"You don't wanna end up like Lexi."
by pixelatedinfants October 10, 2015
The most ahmazing person you'll ever meet. A great cousin, friend, and hugger!!(:
Wow she's a great girl what a Lexi! Definately not a hobo.
by awesomeperson107377 June 29, 2011
A totally rude girl with a loud mouth but no one to talk to. She'll act so harmless and get hurt in the end. Don't let her get mad because she'll take it out on you.
Person 1: Don't be such a Lexi
Person 2: You mean a bad person?
Person 1: Same difference
by Lildrakke April 01, 2015
She is slightly pretty, but her sister is just unbelievably hot. She likes sports and guys, but depends on guys for happiness. Usually lives next door to her best friend and likes to laugh. Loves social media, but stays on too long. She get's in trouble a lot. Her brothers are usually retarded and weird and like football.
Wow look at that hot girl! She must be Lexi's sister!
by okiedokiehomie April 07, 2014
A stupid who're who thinks she always has to be in everyone's business and solve their problems. Usually has brown hair, braces, and big bulky glasses. Also she is a rumor spreader who thinks she's better than ever on else. She fights for her friends online and always makes things worse.
"God Adriana stop being a Lexi"
by kaliemarieeeeee April 22, 2015
a bitch that doesn't know her place. She thinks she is hot but she is not. She steals lies and takes your man. Thinks she can twerk but its just ugly just like her face.
That girl is such a whore. She must be Lexi.
by Lexibitches May 15, 2015
a sexy bee, in other words a bee that is very sexy.
heyy bitch ur such a lexi they way your black and yellow and sexy
by lexiiiiiiiithesexiiiii August 31, 2008

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