A holy girl who loves Jesus Christ and is not going to the horny devil. She is better than Kinsey.
Lexi is so holy and good.
by What the even heck April 18, 2015
a girl that is able to get who ever she wants, she puts out to get boyfriends, when realy she is pretty enough she doesnt have to, she is a ride or die kind of girl, she will have your back no matter what, but if you b urn her u better watch out
that girl over there is sch a lexi
by missa487 August 08, 2011
A very kind and loving person. Sexyy as hell and wanted by many but the thing is she's waiting for one. She's someone that always deserves a second chance because she's worth it. Don't let her go because once she's gone, your ganna want her back. Lexi will change your life forever, she's the type of girl you spend the rest of your life with.
Lexiis smexxii
by eddie65 August 13, 2008
A girl who is often mistaken for being emo, but is just a very creative person. Writes poetry a lot, and is on the short side. Can't believe she's beautiful, no matter how many people try to convince her. You'll never get enough of her brown hair and eyes. She's a person who falls easily, whether it be in love or just falling in general. Broken inside, low on self esteem, and always needs a guy to be a friend for her. She's a loving, caring, great person. often looses the people she loves.
Guy 1: hey did you see lexi? she's such an emo weirdo!
Guy 2: hey watch what you say, she's my best friend.
by AlexMerdes May 17, 2015
A totally rude girl with a loud mouth but no one to talk to. She'll act so harmless and get hurt in the end. Don't let her get mad because she'll take it out on you.
Person 1: Don't be such a Lexi
Person 2: You mean a bad person?
Person 1: Same difference
by Lildrakke April 01, 2015
She is slightly pretty, but her sister is just unbelievably hot. She likes sports and guys, but depends on guys for happiness. Usually lives next door to her best friend and likes to laugh. Loves social media, but stays on too long. She get's in trouble a lot. Her brothers are usually retarded and weird and like football.
Wow look at that hot girl! She must be Lexi's sister!
by okiedokiehomie April 07, 2014
A stupid who're who thinks she always has to be in everyone's business and solve their problems. Usually has brown hair, braces, and big bulky glasses. Also she is a rumor spreader who thinks she's better than ever on else. She fights for her friends online and always makes things worse.
"God Adriana stop being a Lexi"
by kaliemarieeeeee April 22, 2015

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