Short for Alexandra. The most gorgeous girl in the WORLD. She has luxurious brown hair and sparkling brown eyes. She has an amazing personality, shes got her serious side, and spunky side. She will always be the one there for you, you can ALWAYS talk to her about anything. Anything you do right, she will compliment you on. If you have a friend named Lexi, be sure to keep her around<3
Me: "Hey wanna hang out?"

Lexi: "I made plans with her, but ill cancel them for you"
by Sabrina her bffl June 25, 2012
A beautiful young woman. She is a fruitcake but a tasty one. A wild Lexis may have a piercing - a monroe perhaps. Lexis's tend to have a great sense of humor and a laugh to die for. Lexis's sometimes have low self esteem, but they're absalutely perfect. People, let's say Skylers, need them and love them. Lexis's are keepers. If you find one, hold on and hold on tight.
Wow. That Lexis has a rockin' bootayy.
by DrBigWang December 24, 2013
A super pretty girl who is very kind and caring. Lexi is a person that once you meet her you don't want to let go of her. She likes to play sports like volleyball and softball. Lexi is the type of girl that if you ever date her you should keep her. She is a very lovable person and due to this she may have had her heart broken once or twice.
by k;sndanbfg;kdfwa September 19, 2013
Awesome Best looking girl in the whole world, best friend dancer super smart, blonde yet still smart with the worlds cutest smile that everyone needs to see before they die this a Lexi!!!
Wow look at her she is a total lexi
by The Great Buhr September 05, 2013
Lexi is a cute fun-loving girl. She has a heart of gold while deep down she is a feisty lion. She can stay in and cuddle or stay in and be wild and crazy. She loves to party and loves to charm everyone with her wit and smile. Don't cross her path or you'll be doing a double take and end up falling head over heels for this one. You won't be able to keep your hands off her assets.

Her nickname is Lextacy.
Woah Lexi check out that sexy outfit.

Sexy Lexi got it goin on
by SexiPrincess November 15, 2009
The plural of Lexus. Otherwise known as the Japanese Mercedes.
I love Lexi and I hate Mercs. People who drive them are just sa - a - ad.
by ToeKnee Jee October 11, 2014
a girl that is able to get who ever she wants, she puts out to get boyfriends, when realy she is pretty enough she doesnt have to, she is a ride or die kind of girl, she will have your back no matter what, but if you b urn her u better watch out
that girl over there is sch a lexi
by missa487 August 08, 2011

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