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artistic fun and loving girl.loves nature and has cool hair.
is often mistaken for an emo even though she is just plain artistic and different and loves to stand out. looks like a hippie and loves people who are cool with being themselves. likes to eat alot but for some reason doesnt get fat... has a weak heart. falls too easily and is often confused about love.
damn, she eats like a lexi!

by holyweedbags! July 10, 2008
683 438
A really amazing girl who is smart, funny, and beautiful. Lexi is the kind of girl every guy wants, and when you have her, you never want to let go. Sometimes known to be a little on the short side, Lexi is most likely the most beautiful girl you will ever meet. Lexi's are also known to be very talented, and succeed in everything they do. If you meet a Lexi, don't let her get away, ever.
Lexi is really beautiful.
by idk what to name myself January 23, 2009
476 273
Lexi is a girl everyone loves. She's super talented and succeeds in everything she does. Whether it's singing, dancing, or acting, Lexi is the girl everyone looks up to. She has a very bubbly personality, and is always smiling. Most of the time Lexi's are on the shorter side with amazing bodies. Many people, mostly girls, envy Lexi and hope to be just like her. Boys will fall in love with her, but only one will catch her eye. Once Lexi has her eye on a boy, she'll never let him go. She'll love him forever, and she'll be the best he's ever had. Lexi is a great friend, girlfriend, and sister. Whenever you need someone there for you, you can call Lexi!
Who's that over there?

-Oh her? That's Lexi.

Omg i want to be her!!
by whosthatchick December 06, 2010
383 200
lexis is a very beautiful girl that has a lot of ambition, she is generally smart, caring, loyal, intelligent, funny, and hardworking. cares a lot about people and family members. she is most beautiful and perfect girl in the world. She helps people out of the darkest time of there life with her generosity and her caring nature, and advise ,even though she has problems of her own, she knows what to say and when to say it, she is a very loving person who is beautiful on the inside and on the out, she does make mistakes but mistakes form you into a better person, if you dont like her its probably cause your jealous of her beauty and talent , she is very kind-hearted and gives everyone a chance to be her friend, she also has very deep thoughts about life and not afraid to share them with you. Her beauty will astound you and her smile is captivating. The girl you will never forget , and she would never change for anyone
that girl is so pretty she must be a lexis
by iloveher102 July 11, 2011
136 42
A girl who thinks she's ugly but is actually beautiful. Its hard not to want to care for her as much as a guy can. She's really special and any guy is lucky to have her
Guy 1: "I keep telling her she's beautiful but she just says she's ugly"

Guy 2: "Ah Lexi, she's always like that"
by Travis Hadley August 09, 2011
51 19
Sweet, caring, and funny person...if she likes you. If not, shes a total bitch. Musical, and artsy. Sports is a no. Has a cute face more than anything. Isnt afraid to stand out. Sensible. Loves kids. Like bad-boys, class clowns, and skaters. Fall way to easily for guys (and/or girls).
An all together great girl(:
Did you see her?
Oh, yeah, shes a total Lexi!
by StepOff March 15, 2011
67 35
The most beautiful person alive, she is talkative, pretty, sexy, great shape, fit, loving, friendly, anything you could ever ask for and triple of that.
"That Lexi, over there, I think I've got a thing for her"
"I know, every guy has, I don't know how she does it!"
"she's so gorgeous, I'm in love with her."
by ETTO September 26, 2011
39 12