thinks she is all that and is a total lesbian. thts why we call her LEXBIAN it allll makes sense. LOL. she like to feel her self up at partys. and anywhere else. she never takes showers or wear a bra. and she ADMITS she doesn't comb her hair!!! ewww right??? do u have one of these?? i do!
There is this girl named lexi and she is a LEXBIAN
by aqws March 14, 2007
Top Definition
A female totally obsessed with words and acquiring new vocabulary.
Jane plays scrabble all day. She's a real lexbian.
by Cherrybot October 02, 2008
Feels a stronger attraction to apes than to humans
All subscribers of lex, are Lexbians. Therefore they love apes!
by DoctorDuck November 30, 2009
a straight looking lesbian - a gay women that dose not look gay what so ever she looks as straight as anything .
that girl doesn't look gay - she is she's a Lexbian
by Summers105 July 31, 2009
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