A person that donkey punched the crap out of PORCH.
I feel like i just got letoed.
by VonVrodomic May 04, 2010
Top Definition
last name of jared and shannon
brothers and members of the band 30 seconds to mars. which is an awesome band. jared is also an actor.
jared plays guitar and is lead singer of the band
while shannon plays the drums
look there is jared and shannon leto they are so fuckin hot
especially jared
by Melsy March 25, 2007
Character in the sci-fi novel series Dune. Leto was a child with extraordinary ability and the memory and thoughts of all his past ancestors. Leto took it upon himself to be transformed into a giant wormlike creature to better the galaxy. He later became known as the God Emperor. The termed "Leto" may be applied to anyone who sacrifices themselves or something for the benefit of everyone else.
1. Leto is the God Emporer of Dune.
by Leto November 10, 2003
Love and passion personified into a single human being. When compassion, intelligence, wit, empathy, warmth, sensuality, fire, creativity, vision, magic, and a small amount of unicorn dust is combined into a single perfect soul.
I've met the man I'm going to marry. He's everything to me and the world's most perfect man. He's my Leto.
by ecams November 19, 2010
Its Serbain for summer. Also, its used to describe something warm. Like feelings for someone.
This girl is like leto in town.
by Marc September 24, 2003
a person, place, or thing that has a black cloud over their head. Anyone with bad luck.
I knew I was a leto when I opened up a funeral parlor and people stopped dieing.
by doomed April 18, 2007
Somebody who can't tell when he or she is going 20 miles over the speed limit in construction zone.
-Man did you here on the news about that moron that drove really fast at that construction site?
-Yeah thats something a Leto would do.
by VonVrodomic May 04, 2010
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