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A term directed at whiners to stop crying and start doing something.

Derived from wow mage forums, which are notorious for housing cry babies.
Per usual, the mage boards were flowing with tears when an intelligent, witty, philisophical player directed at the whiners (see Faxmonkey, beta comments) --> less qq more pew pew.
by ReeveSkywall February 05, 2007
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A term used normally for players with "ranged" attacks in a video game, used when someone is crying (hence the Q.Q face looking like the O.O face with tears) and not doing anything. The phrase "pew pew" is an onomatopoeia for a gun firing.
You're being retardedly useless right now Ben, so less QQ more pew pew plox.
by Shugi September 29, 2009
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