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Usually a tall, shy girl. Once you get to know her, she gets wild, but is still pretty cute when blushing. Hates perverted things, yet sayss them, kin of a hypocrite. Still has amazing hair.
Kendra: Ohmigod did you see Ken with Leslie??!!

Draquesha: Yeah, I'm totes envious!
by CheeseBurgerstheFifth April 25, 2013
20 5
A great guy. Brownskin. Nice in ball. Treats girls nicer than himself. A guy who people walk all over. A guy who is willing to help someone in an instant even if it affects his own life. A guy whos true and had to grow up up himself, teach himself without proper development. The guy whos strong, has loved, lost, but overall learned.
Leslie is a good guy.
by lesbutta January 07, 2014
3 6
A cheerleader, originating from the Harvard cheerleading squad, who is out of sync with the rest of the group. The word has, since, been adapted to situations where somebody is screwing up badly.
Used in a sentence, "Gosh, stop Leslieing, you're going to make us look bad." or
"Oh god. Did you see those cheerleaders? I think they have a Leslie."
by FkingBubbles November 19, 2013
2 11
A whore that lives in a trailer park and always go back out with her ex and ; Leslie is also an extreme dumbass
(Guy) Damn that girl Leslie a Thot

(Girl) I heard she poor ass fuck
by Wacky227 February 14, 2014
5 24
1. A name that was originally for men; it is still considered manly.

2. A name for New York hipsters who wear skinny jeans and glasses that are missing a temple.

3. Overall awesome name for men.
Hey Leslie! You're a dude!

Look at that hipster Leslie, walking down the streets of the Bronx!
by Maaaaaur February 14, 2010
129 169
Unwilling to try or do simple task; Unwilling to try or do new things
1. I leslied it at yoga. I didn't try at all.
2. Don't leslie the food. You should try it.
by Contextual August 22, 2009
74 368
a 'lazy' ribbon; basically, a ribbon that just will not tie into a not.
Dude, wrapping this package is hard using leslie.
by Ropawn June 19, 2009
48 343