Usually a tall, shy girl. Once you get to know her, she gets wild, but is still pretty cute when blushing. Hates perverted things, yet sayss them, kin of a hypocrite. Still has amazing hair.
Kendra: Ohmigod did you see Ken with Leslie??!!

Draquesha: Yeah, I'm totes envious!
by CheeseBurgerstheFifth April 25, 2013
A beautiful person who will love whoever becomes hers and will have an undying loyalty to that person. She will take care of that person at any given time and still find time to have fun with them too. She is unbelievably attractive and can impress any man with her beauty. Yet she's also humble and loves to make others happy.
"Who's that?"
"That's Leslie" *blush*
by zcrasher64 January 15, 2015
A girl who should stop thinking about others as she usually would , especially that George guy okay
Don't be a Leslie or a George .... It's goes both ways and ends the same
by Amalie May 16, 2016
some wasteman that lives in plaistow and takes teh train to school everyday, and gets to school an hour early to read books with his big glasses
"your some Leslie"
"allow it man, hes a faggot"
by Louis Litt June 10, 2016
Often a smelly old man with a big nose and big ears most his features are very defined.
He often makes terrible jokes and will be the only one laughing at them.
Often called lesmond as well this is a sign of your clasic Leslie.
Other clasic names for a leslie are big nose and stupid old man
Leslie's often come in pairs with a twin called trevor who is not quite as smelly.
Silly leslie
by Mister maker mister mak er wet April 13, 2016
A great guy. Brownskin. Nice in ball. Treats girls nicer than himself. A guy who people walk all over. A guy who is willing to help someone in an instant even if it affects his own life. A guy whos true and had to grow up up himself, teach himself without proper development. The guy whos strong, has loved, lost, but overall learned.
Leslie is a good guy.
by lesbutta January 07, 2014
A cheerleader, originating from the Harvard cheerleading squad, who is out of sync with the rest of the group. The word has, since, been adapted to situations where somebody is screwing up badly.
Used in a sentence, "Gosh, stop Leslieing, you're going to make us look bad." or
"Oh god. Did you see those cheerleaders? I think they have a Leslie."
by FkingBubbles November 19, 2013
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