The most understanding person in the world; rarely will she get angry; shes been screwed over her whole life and still she comes out on top of every thing
Leslie has had it rough, but she is always kind and curteous to every one around her.
by Lover of Leslie September 11, 2008
Top Definition
(n)a. An incredibly beautiful girl. Someone who is very attractive with the best hair. See wonderful.
"Who's that person with the awesome hair?"
"That's Leslie"
by thejetplane December 21, 2007
Leslie, is the coolest, sweetest, kindest, most compassionate, caring understanding person. She has been through so much in life, but she keeps on going, and anyone who meets her is lucky if you become her friend.
Leslie is my little sister.
by Bro-Brother January 07, 2009
an extremely sexy, cute, nice, pretty, Catholic girl, who everyone loves.
leslie is sooo pretty, i wish she was my friend!
by leslieoconnor February 20, 2009
Celtic: "From the grey fort" sounds dumb you say... a bit of research has revealed to me that "from the grey fort" is translated to "from out of the darkness"
hence: Leslie you are an overcomer!!!!! Dont be discouraged
by mrsleslietjmiller February 05, 2010
('les-li) Noun: 1. An incredibly delightful, witty, and clever person known among members of the Quellhorst clan; 2. A rather emotional being, unpredictable in nature, but one who normally if not always begins with good intentions.
1. Leslie and her older sister share similar facial attributes.
2. Leslie doesn't ask to borrow things from me, but I love her anyhow.
by Wireteth February 02, 2010
Noun: A person who cares so much about others, he or she is always willing to give love and support that is completely unconditional. This type of individual serves as a huge support system especially, in a small, provincial town.

Adjective: A type of person that all women want to be like and men crave sexually, even when she or he is being loyal to his/her current lover.

Example sentence: We all need to have a little more Leslie in us in order to be a good human being.
Example sentence (noun): Everyone needs a Leslie in his or her life in order to survive the craziness of the world and the sharks in it!

Example sentence (adj): We all need to have a little more Leslie in us in order to be a good human being.
by hbsyn April 30, 2010
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