a man who must undergo sexual re-assignment surgery in order to enable him to have carnal knowledge of females.
Did you know Faux Necia is actually a lesbiano?
by AlainLuc May 07, 2009
Top Definition
a masculine woman who is a homosexual, often known as a dyke. (versus lesbiana)
"Ultimately, Rosie is a loser and a lesbiano, and ultimately ("The View") will fail because of Rosie. ...
by Russell McPhee January 20, 2007
a male who is acting weird or strange

•acting stupid
did you see jesse he was acting like a lesbiano twords brenda
by lola lollipops April 27, 2010
Some word I like to shout out for whatever reason I feel like, including just the reading of the word "lesbian". Meant to sound italian.
"*prancing about* lesbianos!!!"
by Dave January 26, 2004
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