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lesbianism is when a fine lady and another fine lady have 'special feelings' for each other and express these feelings by sensual bliss acts of nature performed by each other
Paula went with Anna back to her apartment to engage in a rough night of erotic lesbianism.
by _dozer July 18, 2005
The act of being a Lesbian.
Sarah got caught for making out with a girl in the bathroom, the teacher gave them a referral for public Lesbianism.
by Malcavious Xero August 11, 2006
The perfected ART of being a lesbian. Not to be confused with an ugly woman who is a rug muncher. Those are fags. Gay women. Not lesbians.
Lesbianism is a way of life. You gotta be a hot girl to be into hardcore lesbianism.
by Chief Roberts June 02, 2011
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