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Organic lesbian
that girl from the farm is like fkn lesbianic...
by kirarararararararara September 06, 2008
to act in a lesbian-like manor even if the person in question is not in fact a lesbian, or even female
i thought it was very lesbianis the way sara straddled me and said "who's your daddy?" while hitting me with a riding crop
by switch May 06, 2003
It's a word that describes a female doing something like a leasbian but is not a lesbian.

Molly was being lesbianic when I was talking to her last night.
by courtney159 March 01, 2008
some people may argue that this is not a word, but it is so shut up
anyways it is something or someone that acts or looks gay or lesbian like, so in a sense it is lesbian-like.
gee golly molly, water polo girls are soo lesbianic feeling other girls up and grabbing vaginas.
by funky fresh fly girl December 22, 2003
somthing that has to do with a girl liking another girl
The way that girl kissed her friend who is also a girl was very lesbianic
by Minnie254 December 02, 2007