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Reconnaissance and surveillance carried out by lesbians. All lesbians are known to do this without exception.
I know there's lesbianage going on, I can see birkenstock footprints.
by turqoisenoise March 19, 2011
2 1
the act of turning the straight girls gay, especially when they have unsuspecting boyfriends.
by recruitment central June 04, 2003
135 28
like espionage, but with lesbians
right, whores, time for so lesbianage
by sarah November 14, 2003
70 26
The act or process of being a lesbian in secretive form.
Floyd commited an act of lesbianage
by Adam Marshall April 07, 2003
49 19
to spy on lesbians making out without permission
bob:"i heard jenny and angela are doing it tonight!"
jim:"lets go lesbianage"
by brett H November 17, 2006
27 16
the act of spying on lesbians
Jordan likes to take part in lesbianage.
by Jordan February 08, 2004
31 25
when a chick acts out her lesbian fantasies with a metrosexual male basically rendering her as a lesbian because the dude is equally as much of a pussy as she
Gunz believes Poise feels lesbianage because she is with Mikey.
by Mrs. Poise June 08, 2011
3 2