A sexy bush bumping partner
Yes yes Jennie you bump my bush! Yeah you hot lesbian!
by 10.21.93=] April 10, 2009
A man's best friend or man's favorite porn or where a woman is sexually attracted to another woman thus creating lesbians(homosexual).Every person loves a good lesbian sex.
I'm Vanessa Ann Hudgens and I love women!
"So do I," Ashley Tisdale

*Vanessa and Ashley start "wrestling" each other in bed mashing their lips together*
by Pornomansterno March 12, 2009
Clinical term for a woman with a severe penis allergy.
I was talking to this hot chick at club and I thought we were going to shag then she told me she's a lesbian. I though most women grew out of that.
by Not so Mighty Boosh May 16, 2010
that just means she likes what i likes
1. 2 girls + horny - man = lesbian
2. womens prison
by dudebroqtyergdrf May 08, 2008
A pair of women that make men horny. Lesbians have been generally accepted into society unlike gays. Which is correct. Everyone likes watching Lesbian porn, but hates gay porn.
Lesbian 1: Do you wanna get saucy for the camera?
Lesbian 2: Ok! Let's invite some guys to watch aswell.
by The Cool Arsenal dude April 14, 2010
Lesbian also known as - best porn ever
Lesbian porn rules
by Trevor "Wanker" Cowper April 04, 2009
the ladies that make porn interesting.
Jim-"dude, did you see that round of lesbian mud wresling?"

Me-"yea it was like porn"
by jeffay1234657890 August 06, 2008

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