The rage of all women condensed to the point of explosion.
Look at those lesbians drinking cognac in the corner.
by franco8646 December 19, 2010
When a woman is sexually attracted to another woman.
Yo, did you hear Chrissy hooked up with some girl at a party? I didn't know she was a lesbian!
by Joey Diaz January 18, 2008
A woman who is exclusively or predomintely attracted to other women sexually and/or romantically.
They come in all diffrent types. Some are man haters, some are manly, some are sluts, and some are not.
I qualify as a homoflexible lesbian
by Ariel Calistine April 29, 2007
Two girls who enjoy creating Mayonnaise sandwiches with their beavers. The Mayonnaise is a result of carpet rubbing friction between 2 women who hate the idea of good ol' wholesome, Hard, Dick!
Lesbian Girl 1 - Hi girl 2, do you wanna rub beavers?
Lesbian Girl 2 - Sure, I hate dick!

Lesbian Girl 1 - Damn Girl, look at all that mayonnaise!
by DeBach April 25, 2011
girl who thinks she likes guys, then meets a girl who convinces her that she's lesbian, then she becomes a lesbian.
Jean Marie is a lesbian. word.
by lesbians are hawt November 10, 2010
Large bodied women with short hair. Their first name and last name usually start with the same letter. Sometimes they are so large their fists becomes too strong and then they are no longer allowed to be a lesbian.
Girl 1: Wow, I hope that I don't go to jail because in jail there are a lot of lesbians.
Girl 2: Wow, really?

Girl 1: Ew?!
Girl 2: No, no, no, I mean ew of course, no one wants to go to jail.
by limewired February 12, 2011
1. when a woman wants to have hot kinky butt sex with another woman.

2. a guy's favorite word to search on the internet.
dude: dude did you see that hot ass lesbian vid?

dude 2: yeah, and i totally jizzed in my pants for it.
by BillyMaysFTW November 01, 2009

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