a girl who licks pussy and tits
i like tits,,im a lesbian
by 93969396 July 26, 2009
When a woman is sexually attracted to another woman.
Yo, did you hear Chrissy hooked up with some girl at a party? I didn't know she was a lesbian!
by Joey Diaz January 18, 2008
The rage of all women condensed to the point of explosion.
Look at those lesbians drinking cognac in the corner.
by franco8646 December 19, 2010
A woman who is exclusively or predomintely attracted to other women sexually and/or romantically.
They come in all diffrent types. Some are man haters, some are manly, some are sluts, and some are not.
I qualify as a homoflexible lesbian
by Ariel Calistine April 29, 2007
1. A woman who has been hurt by the actions of men (mainly their father) so many times, that they grow to hate the idea of being with a man or are scared of being hurt again, so they go against nature and common sense, and partner up with a woman.
2. A woman that is tired of being hit on by sooo many men.
3. A woman that's been influenced by the homosexual agenda and has fallen in with the crowd, making the new world order all the easier.
4. A woman that was molested by a woman at a young age and grew to think herself weird or an abomination.
5. A man
1. Just look around you for the examples...I don't care what you say. No one is born a lesbian except for men ;)
by Duh Trooph March 27, 2013
Two girls who enjoy creating Mayonnaise sandwiches with their beavers. The Mayonnaise is a result of carpet rubbing friction between 2 women who hate the idea of good ol' wholesome, Hard, Dick!
Lesbian Girl 1 - Hi girl 2, do you wanna rub beavers?
Lesbian Girl 2 - Sure, I hate dick!

Lesbian Girl 1 - Damn Girl, look at all that mayonnaise!
by DeBach April 25, 2011
girl who thinks she likes guys, then meets a girl who convinces her that she's lesbian, then she becomes a lesbian.
Jean Marie is a lesbian. word.
by lesbians are hawt November 10, 2010

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