Woman who loves another woman
Lauren Jauregui is lesbian
by Spddl May 15, 2015
When two females are sexually attracted to each other.
They are lesbians.
by Thomasum June 29, 2016
A woman or women that are sexually attracted to their gender.
Tina: You know, I think you and Jacob would make a cute couple.
Jessica: What!? No!? How many times do I have to tell you that I'm a lesbian! I like Bridget!
by Cheer_grl May 31, 2016
A girl who fucks other women.
That girl is a lesbian because she likes girls.
by Whatevermayor June 30, 2016
A female who is sexually attracted or emotionally attracted to other females but has no emotional or sexual attraction towards males.
Girl 1: Is Lily a lesbian? She has never had a boyfriend!
Girl 2: Just because she hasn't had a boyfriend doesn't mean she's a lesbian!
Girl 3: But she is dating my sister.
by IvyBee April 09, 2016
Another word for gay woman
Lesbians are quite hot, especially if their having STDs!
by Danker Memer April 05, 2016
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