someone who is attracted to other lesbians, loves watching two chicks make out (and if given the chance, would totally join in), and adores katy perry ^_^
Gabby: "I kissed a girl and i like it"

Daniella: Oh my god i love Katy Perry!!

Gabby: Really? Me too!

Daniella: Oh my gawd! Do you like watching girls kiss?

Gabby: Yea, i would totally jump in that!

Daniella: Who wouldn't?

Gabby: Does this make us lesbians?

Daniella: Definately.
by cuppycakes July 10, 2008
Ugly, fat women that can't get men and resort to teaming up to have sex. They're always gross and never as hot as the ones on the internet. Period.
"Is that a lesbian?"
"She's fat, ugly and has a butch hair cut. So Yup!"
by Dick Chaineey February 24, 2010
Girls who act like they don't care about their sexual orientation, but if anyone makes a comment about it, they try to act smart and get angry. That is why this definition will get a million thumbs down.
guy-"So, your gay?"

lesbian-"Yes, I am. But the label 'gay' is very offensive. I am a human being just like you, and I wish to be treated as so."

guy-" you are gay?"

lesbian-"No, I just have an intrest in females."

guy-"so you are gay?"

lesbian-"It is people like you that make this world a horrible place of stereo-types and sexists!!!"
by metaltoad February 06, 2008
A female vegetarian. These sorts of females don't like to eat MEAT....
Lesbian 1 "Do you eat meat??"
Lesbian 2 " Nah, I'm a lesbian don't forget"
Lesbian 1 " Ahhhhh"
by Biggins123 May 03, 2007
Any one of my psychotic ex girlfriends. Also: No, you can't watch.
"Hey Should I hit on those girls?" "No man, they're lesbians."
by Katica March 12, 2003
sexually active man haters. 2 girls with high sex drives and usually blonde because they are too stupid to know how to work a vibrator so they bang another girl for pleasure.
bobs moms are lesbians...
bob: yo momma!
frank: which one!?
bob: both yo mommas!
by asjhsggdusdd May 15, 2005
A fictitious creature. Fabled to be a female only sexually attracted to it's own kind. Unable to fight the urge for a penis or penis shaped object these creatures are factually impossible to exist. Much like people enjoy pretending to be vampires, werewolves, dragons, angels, and many other mythical beings; many women still enjoy the feeling of "being a lesbian". At least until reality kicks in and they remember they can't fly, breath fire, transform, or live without penis.
Guy: "so what do u enjoy doing in your spare time"

Girl: "don't even try that on me, I'm a lesbian."

Guy: "oh really, so you enjoy roll playing too"
by spanky010 July 23, 2008
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