sexually active man haters. 2 girls with high sex drives and usually blonde because they are too stupid to know how to work a vibrator so they bang another girl for pleasure.
bobs moms are lesbians...
bob: yo momma!
frank: which one!?
bob: both yo mommas!
by asjhsggdusdd May 15, 2005
A fictitious creature. Fabled to be a female only sexually attracted to it's own kind. Unable to fight the urge for a penis or penis shaped object these creatures are factually impossible to exist. Much like people enjoy pretending to be vampires, werewolves, dragons, angels, and many other mythical beings; many women still enjoy the feeling of "being a lesbian". At least until reality kicks in and they remember they can't fly, breath fire, transform, or live without penis.
Guy: "so what do u enjoy doing in your spare time"

Girl: "don't even try that on me, I'm a lesbian."

Guy: "oh really, so you enjoy roll playing too"
by spanky010 July 23, 2008
What the fuck are you looking at this word for? Turn off your fucking monitor right now. You should be ashamed of yourself you damn whore.
Your computer is now fucked up because you looked up the word lesbian. You're a lesbian.
by untitledmind72 May 12, 2008
A she-fag.

A lady poofter.
Maxwell is a lesbian. She likes to fist other women. She enjoys eating their butts and watching them take dumps.
by Delicious Tuna Wanda January 19, 2008
the best thing god ever gave us
ohh those fucking lesbians make me want to jizz all over my nutsack
by steve nigga March 07, 2005
just another women trying to do a mans job
my wife left me for another women

she must have been a lesbian
by gvnaruto July 10, 2008

God's way of making up for all the world's ugly girls.

God: "Jeez... sorry for all those ugly chicks down there-- I got something that'll make you guys feel better." <--(how lesbians were created.)
by Mr. NoFace October 08, 2008

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