perhaps the most confusing types of women you will ever meet. So confusing they confuse each other. Almost 90% of them are born straight, but once they get older, & start drinking, & experiment with other women (due to too much alcohol), they consider themselves "lesbians". When this happens, they become sexually confused due to their sluttiness. Unlike gay men, who are BORN gay, lesbians are MADE gay.

In the porn movies, lesbians are seen as gorgeous women who arouse every man's fantasy. But in real life, they are cold-heart bitches & are most of the time unattractive. The majority of lesbians are also modern Feminists----due to their sexist stereotypes over men after so many breakups. They tend to stereotype all men as "slobs", "pigs", & brainwash straight women into thinking straight women don't need men to have great sex.

There are 2 types of lesbians: lipstick & chapstick. Lipstick lesbians are feminine lesbians & are gorgeous looking women. However, lipstick lesbians only exist in porn. Almost all lipstick lesbians are straight women looking for attention. Chapstick lesbians are the TRUE lesbians. They often dress as "tomboys" (e.i. Ellen Degenerates) or as a dyke, which is an extremely ugly mannish-looking lesbian. The occurrence of feminine lesbians is very rare, & are most oftenly attracted to chapstick lesbians. During sex, lesbians use strap-ons or dildos to have "fake intercourse".
Quick! Close all your windows & lock your doors! The lesbians are coming!
by penis-mon January 03, 2010
Really hot females who like other females when on TV or the internet, but only exist as Rosie Odonnell and other fat ugly chicks in real life.
Person 1: Dude, lesbians are so hot!

Person 2: Yea I know, I love'em

Person 1: Oh gross those two goth chicks are making out again
by Kyle112 September 22, 2007
Girls who like or lick other girls for fun sport or profit, either way watching them is a favorite past time for 85% of men. The fantasy of the lesbian(s) is often shattered by the fact that most lesbians are not gorgeous big tittied coeds as portrayed in such classic nature films as "Beaver Hunt" and "Where The Boys Aren't" but infact the majority are asexual carpet cleaning wannabe men without the proper attatchments.
"My pants get tight whenever I see those hot lesbians."

"Those feminazi's are a bunch of mullet wearing lesbians"
by Meshuggah February 05, 2003
Lesbian (n.)

A female interested in other females emotionally and sexually. Not a disese or problem as some see it, but another way of living or being.

There are three MAIN types of lesbian:

1. The Good- Being a female who, by birth, is attracted to other females. This classification of lesbian is the MOST respectable in terms that one does not push women who are straight to be lesbian, even if she (the lesbian) were to desire a stright female. Most times, she will not push females who just haven't "come out of the closet" yet, either, as she respects their feelings and space.

2.The Bad - This classification of lesbian generally does give proper respect the striaght female, or a female having trouble "coming out of the closet". She (the lesbian) would push untill a female, not of lesbian stature, would be "willing" to date, have sexual intercourse, or perform some other form of lesbian action with her, if possible. This type of lesbian is also likely to dispise all males.

3. The Ugly - This is the LEAST respectible kind of Lesbian, in terms of "method" of becoming a lesbian. Though not naturally born a lesbian, is introduced to "girl-on-girl" material at a young age, only to become courious and try such sexual acts with friends. Sexually curiosity is NOT a crime, but it is dispicable that young females become lesbian because of socities display of females. If not for such material, this type of lesbian would be less likely to exist, as once they engage in lesbian activities, it is mainly for the pleasure of sex. This classification of lesbian can also be discribed as a lesbian under 'The Good' or 'The Bad' catagorey, with out the addition of being a female by nature.
Lesbian - "Jane enjoys talking and being with other females more than males. She has little to no intrest in males sexually or emotionally, and thats why she considers herself a lesbian."

The Good - "Sherry is a lesbian, but will not hit on or preasure her straight friends to engage in lesbian activities with her."

The Bad - "Terry constally tries to suduce females, even if they are straight and are annoyed by her."

The Ugly - "Sally, when she was only 13, had engaged in sexually activities with other females, only because she and her friend has seen something similar on TV and thought it would be 'fun'. Since then, she has had less and less intrest in boys, and gradually became a lesbian through sex."

-The author is a straight male and these are his OPINIONS based
on multiple FACTS. He accepts gays/lesbians as everyone should.
-Not all lesbians would fit under each catagorey EXACTALLY but generally.
by Volair August 22, 2005
A woman who pretends being attracted by other women only to annoy men.
Lesbianism is just hysterical bullshit. Dykes actually dream of a huge dick right down their asses.
by willywannabite September 02, 2007
Basically, women who are attracted to women in a sexual way. Lesbians can be broken into two groups, the "good" type of lesbian, and the "bad" type of lesbian. The two groups are defined as follows:

1. The "good" sort of lesbians are the cute ones featured on websites around the world. Well-groomed and babelicious, these lesbians look fantastic smeared in baby oil, jelly, cream, etc, and don't view men as exploitative bastards who should all be castrated and then choked to death with their severed naughty bits.

2. The "bad" sort of lesbian, i.e. any chick who likes her vice versa and isn't prepared to put on some sort of floor show for the lads. Included in this group are the lesbians who would do a floor show if asked, but are never asked to do so because most guys don't want their eyeballs seared out of their heads by the sight of something resembling Jabba the Hut raping a walrus. Also belonging to this group is your average university feminist who is a lesbian not so much because she is attracted to women, but rather because she's so fucked up that she thinks that all men are just vicious animals who would rape you as soon as look at you. This group tend to have crew cuts and huge Doc Martin boots, and usually belong to some feminist/socialist/fruitcake organisation(s).
Person A: Man, I saw the cutest lesbian chicks on last night. They were the goods!
Person B: Better than the ones I saw in the bar last night. Man, I was feeling really intimidated until some Japanese guy harpooned them and dragged them outside.

Lesbian 1: Hey, let's do the decent thing and put on a floor show for those guys over there.
Lesbian 2: But we aren't very attractive...
Lesbian 1: That doesn't matter, I just want the attention.
Watching Guy: Argggghhhh! My eyes! My eyes!

Chick: Men are just sexist, exploitative pigs who have spent recorded history suppressing women.
Guy : I didn't know you were a lesbian.
Chick: That's because you're an insensitive asshole!
Guy : Any chance of a floor show?
by Big Bad Mark February 19, 2006
A woman who basically likes only other females in a sexual/emotional way.

1.Most lesbians are not hot
2.Guys liked watching them get it on in a sexual manner
3.They are more manipulative than straight men
4.Lesbians are normally women who were born with female body parts but have a chemical imbalance which makes their features look more manly over time while which make them attacted to women with or without the disorder,their also known as "born Lesbians"
5."Made Lesbians" are women who have been used by men and decided that maybe another woman will understand them more.
They can be very feminate making them a prize for "Born Lesbians"
Kate is a lesbian,I mean she is cool but she looks like a guy in the face,but you know what,I would still fuck her because I am a guy and I would stick my dick in anything female
by Dan April 11, 2005

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