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Lesbian also known as - best porn ever
Lesbian porn rules
by Trevor "Wanker" Cowper April 04, 2009
25 133
the latest hollywood craze. The new black.
"ohhh, Kates a lesbian now?"
"Yeah haven't you heard lesbian is the new black?"
by har har har June 16, 2005
32 140
the ladies that make porn interesting.
Jim-"dude, did you see that round of lesbian mud wresling?"

Me-"yea it was like porn"
by jeffay1234657890 August 06, 2008
38 147
Someone who makes a life long commitment to chewing carpet

Someone that prefers Taco Bell over KFC

Femminests who enjoy Box Lunches
What is Amanda Doing??
-- Kats pussy!
by Dick Richard June 03, 2005
49 163
drama, or a person prone to drama in every aspect of their lives
This entire weekend has been nothing but lesbian, lesbian, lesbian!
by b*R*i*D*g*E*t June 02, 2008
33 156
someone useless
Our new co-worker must be a lesbian because when he's in the office, he doesn't do dick.
by Lycentia August 18, 2009
33 157
A person/ situation that is either irritating, retarded, or misfortunate. Use to replace the word <b>gay</b> and it's associated uses. (NOT MEANT TO OFFEND ANY ACTUAL LESBIANS)
Bill: What do you mean we have to have our portfolios complete in less than two weeks? That's fucking lesbian.
19 148