A pair of women that make men horny. Lesbians have been generally accepted into society unlike gays. Which is correct. Everyone likes watching Lesbian porn, but hates gay porn.
Lesbian 1: Do you wanna get saucy for the camera?
Lesbian 2: Ok! Let's invite some guys to watch aswell.
by The Cool Arsenal dude April 14, 2010
the ladies that make porn interesting.
Jim-"dude, did you see that round of lesbian mud wresling?"

Me-"yea it was like porn"
by jeffay1234657890 August 06, 2008
the latest hollywood craze. The new black.
"ohhh, Kates a lesbian now?"
"Yeah haven't you heard lesbian is the new black?"
by har har har June 16, 2005
Lesbian also known as - best porn ever
Lesbian porn rules
by Trevor "Wanker" Cowper April 04, 2009
Someone who makes a life long commitment to chewing carpet

Someone that prefers Taco Bell over KFC

Femminests who enjoy Box Lunches
What is Amanda Doing??
-- Kats pussy!
by Dick Richard June 03, 2005
a feminazi man hating bitch
damn lesbos! and if you wanna know something, im a girl. im straight and i will always be that way.
by fuck off April 19, 2005
drama, or a person prone to drama in every aspect of their lives
This entire weekend has been nothing but lesbian, lesbian, lesbian!
by b*R*i*D*g*E*t June 02, 2008

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