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When two girls kiss, masturbate, and preform oral sex on each other
Amanda walked into the house and she heard the TV making noise. "Hello? Anyone here?" She called. "Just in the TV room!"Rachel called. "How was your wax?" "Oh, it was fine..." Amanda says, glancing down at her mini-skirt.

"That's good,"said Rachel. Rachel was sitting on the couch, watching a lesbian sex show. Rachel turned around, got up and walked up to Amanda. She pressed her lips against Amanda's. Amanda pressed up against her, eager to get it on. Rachel's tongue made its way into her mouth, massaging Amanda's mouth.

Amanda inched down her skirt, then took off Rachel's. Rachel stopped the kiss to take off her shirt and Amanda's, then planted her lips upon Amanda's again. Amanda reached down, pulled off Rachel's panties, and started to rub her vagina, paying attention to her clit, making Rachel groan.

Rachel took off her bra, then Amanda's. She went straight for the twins on Amanda's chest. She took one nipple in her mouth, sucking and licking it while rubbing the other with her finger.

Suddenly, Rachel pushed Amanda down onto the couch, pulled her panties aside and started to lick her. Amanda moaned and wriggled while Rachel pushed a finger into her. Amanda then turned over and while fingering Rachel, also flicked her tongue at her clit. Rachel cummed and then they resumed kissing.

They had had the best lesbian sex ever and all this was repeated many, many times.
by fadoodley March 30, 2012
girl on girl, when 2 girls have sex with each other
when i was at my girlfriends last night she said im bored lets have lesbian sex. she gave me this awesome lap dance and ate me out, and i sucked her gigantic tits. she went in to her room and got a dildo and jammed it up my pussy and than i cummed and she licked me and by that time i needed some of her so i ate her out and went all over her pussy and hit her g-spot. i let her play with my tits and i jammed the dildo up her pussy and than i licked both her and my juices off of it.
by blondebabielookinforapartner April 22, 2007
When two people of the female gender imitate or have the equivalent of sex between a man and a woman.

Often one girl uses a piece of plastic, called a dildo, to imitate the role a man would play in a sexual relationship. Other optional things to be used are handcuffs, gags, ropes or chains, etc.
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The two girls walked down the city street, hands clasped together. Samantha looked at Katherine. "Can we rest?" she asked, dark lips parted, blue eyes tired in a face framed by dark hair.
Kathy dropped her hand and stroked Sam's face with the backs of her fingers. "Of course," she said, green eyes full of love.
They sat on a bench, watching the sun go down. Kathy looked at Samantha, scanning her. Moving her hands very skillfully, she stroked the other girl's large chest, slid her nimble fingers down the lovely curve of her midsection, and finally let them rest at her thighs. Then she leaned in, and they kissed, eyes closed, lips pressing eagerly against the others.
Their tongues touched, and both pulled theirs into their mouth. But just for a moment. Soon both were pressing against the other, sliding through the others mouth. As if awakened by this, their legs shifted toward each other, and Kathy's hands moved back up to Sam's chest.
When the two pulled apart, breathless, both were watching each other with a fire.
"Guess we should get home," Kathy murmured. She slightly squeezed Sam's chest upon saying this.
"Mmm." Sam, in agreement, caressed Kathy's bust as she stood.
The two ran home, bursting through the door. Sam grabbed Kathy's hand and they ran down the hall, busting through the bedroom door, Katherine grabbing a pair of handcuffs and Samantha snatching a piece of plastic-her dildo.
Lesbian Sex Cliffhanger.
by CyberLuv September 01, 2012
Sexually activies between women
One night my friend and I were having a sleepover Andy said she was bored and turned on lesbian porn. I sat there with her watching it slowly I began to get wetter and wetter.

She suggested we have lesbian sex

I pounced on her and we began making out. I pulled her shirt off and mine. I wanted her wet, so I stripped for her. As I inched off my thong, she fingered herself and moaned loudly.

I sat on the desk of my room, legs spread wide, doing the splits. She parted my lips and kissed my hairless pussy softly. I felt so wet I held her head there and moaned. She then suck her tonuge in all the way making me scream in exctasy. Her mouth found my clit and sucked, hard.

"SUCK ME ALL NIGHT YOU WHORE!!!!" I screamed. She drank up all my cum. Andy stroked my wet bald pussy slowly. Then fingered me fast and hard, I came more all over her hands, this time she rubbed my cum on my huge 36DD breasts, and sucked on my rock hard nipples.

I pushed her onto the floor and went right to her pink, freshly shaven pussy. Kissing, licking, and sucking it like she had done to me. I massaged her 34D breasts as I ate out her sweet cunt.

After I pushed her into a chair, and I sat backwards on her, our wet bald pussies touching. I had each of my breasts in my hands, rubbing them, and licking the tips because it made her cum more.

Finally we got on my bed and scissored, it was so amazing having our wet pussies touching. She started nibbling my nipple, and I got wetter the ever. I cummed everywhere.
by Horny hooker August 19, 2013
2 lesbians going at it.
"Ally?" I said
"In here."
I walk in and see Ally masturbating on the couch. "Shut up and eat me out Sally"
I willingly obliged and put my mouth on her pussy, licking her juices. She then told me to take off my clothes and lay down.

I was too slow for her and she bent down and ripped off my soaking wet thong. She started to lick my pussy, then shoved her tounge into it. i moaned and layed down, she gave me and awesome lap dance then we made out, and rubbed our naked pussies on each other. she sucked my pussie dry. Mmmmm...best lesbian sex ever.
by HAHAHA123 May 27, 2012
Lesbian Sex
Misty came home.
Then Lexi told her to come in the living room.
So when she came in she saw Misty watching Lesbian Porn on the TV and masturbating.
She told her to come eat her up.
They went on the couch and started kissing.
Lexi tongue massaged Misty.
Misty took Lexi's shirt off.
Then Misty bit off Lexi's bra.
Misty started sucking on Lexi's nipples.
Then Lexi took off all of Misty's clothe and they were both naked.
They rubbed their Pu*sy on each other. They kissed and they both sucked each others nipples and masturbated for each other.
Lexi put on a strap on dildo and put it in Lexi. Then they both gave oral sex and fingered each other from the butt and they both c*mmed.
They called of their friends and they had a 3some and they all c*mmed hard and they were horny. They slapped each other tits and 69ed each other licked each other from the p*ssy and butt while masturbating and then they sucked each other nipples while Misty got a vibrator and put up each on of her friends. They all had anal sex with strap on dildos and just their p*ssy. That was the best lesbian sex.
by Lesbian hottie April 15, 2013
hot sex between two hot girls. if i was lesbian i would want to have sex right away. normally what you see in porn. and is fun to see pics of. thank god for hot naked lesbian sex.VAGINA AND BOOBS
i want to have lesbian sex
by maeve637 August 12, 2014