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Women who choose to live their lives with other women as companions because they cannot get along with men in any other way but sexually.
Mandy finds sex with men more satisfying than with women but lives as a lesbian by default because outside of the bedroom, she can't find anything she likes or has in common with males.
by wringer February 14, 2008
A hetrosexual woman choosing to live as a lesbian.
When a woman has been hurt by so many men that she then only feels attraction to another woman. This makes them a lesbian by default.
by AikiPrincess October 05, 2006
A bi-sexual woman who chooses to exclusively remain in lesbian relationships. Still attracted to both. Pretty much a lesbian though.
She has been with guys but now realizes she likes girls more. They understand her better and she can connect more with them. She is now a Lesbian By Default
by bitchin45 January 18, 2009
A girl that is either atrociously ugly or an utter bitch that no guys will touch her.

Girl #1: Why does she seem so nasty and stressed all the time?

Girl #2: Well, I think it's because she's a lesbian by default.
by diggy March 22, 2008
a woman so ugly that no man will date them (unless she is a porn star).
Man, that bitch must be a lesbian by default.
by Terra February 05, 2005
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