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When you are about to ask a girl out but she tells you that she is not interested in the male sex. Studies have shown that the female is not really a lesbian but uses the excuse to escape a future relationship.

The first "recorded" lesbian bomb occurred in Northern America, somewhere in the early 21st century. A young man attempted to persuade a lovely young lady into beginning a new chapter in both of their lives, but she simply pushed him aside by giving a short lecture on her sexuality. The young man had all of his hopes and dreams crushed because this particular lady he had sought after for many a moon. It came about that the lady was deceiving the man only because she did not want to be in a relationship with him.

Lesbian Bombing can occur under these circumstances (but not limited to): 1, you do not know the female very well. 2, The female knows you are going to ask her out and tries to come across as a lesbian. 3, You are friends with the female but she doesn't know how to tell you that she just wants to stay friends.
Example of Lesbian Bomb.

Male: Hey, I really like you, I want to be more than a friend.
Female: I don't know what to say to that. I am not as interested in males as much as I am with females.
Male: I Hate my life, I'm going to kill myself.
Female: That's fine.
by plunkard May 09, 2008
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