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the john doe of negros
look at leroy sitting on his porch
by Jimbo August 22, 2003
428 250
Someone who walks, talks, and acts as though he is really cool...but really isn't. Those who play excessively loud music from their vehicle, people who pull their hat too far down over their eyes, and most frat guys are all examples of Leroys.
"Who's this friggin' Leroy?"
by Faryn Brygo November 12, 2004
40 72
The alternate african-american name for a white man who acts excessivly black at times.
Damn, Leroy is so confused about his race.
by Dick February 08, 2004
12 48
Meaning the direction left <---------
Man: "Dude i'm so lost i think i'll take a roy up here."
Dude: "No man, take a leroy"
by Lando April 04, 2005
16 53
A part time employee, usually a parts driver.
"I even took a job as a leroy."
"Have Leroy deliver the parts this morning."
by Thomas Fees October 28, 2005
9 47
A term to describe someone who is looked upon as the "Village Idiot" and is constantly being laughed at and humiliated. Also refers to an imbecile, an oaf, a buffoon, an illiterate nincompoop, or a loudmouthed, fat bellied Coward.
That guy talks tough...but he's really just a worthless Leroy!!
by Lenigg Fagevil September 10, 2004
22 62
A 'slang' term referring to a filthy, smelly, retarded, homeless bum....who often lives in a dumpster and eats rotten, half eaten sandwiches.
If you drive through the poor section of town, you'll see quite a few Leroys.
by Fats Knevil September 10, 2004
14 57
A mentally challenged White 'Trash' male adult who has many sick fetishes, including wearing diapers.
When I was in South Carolina, I sure saw a lot of Leroys!
by Judge September 10, 2004
15 62