an awesome actor who takes up challenging roles and perfects them as an actor. long overdue for an oscar.
in blood diamond the ending was epic. when he died he had the african accent, he was crying , panting and he looked like he was in pain. it takes major skill to put that all together and make it look good and believable. Leonardo dicaprio is an amazing actor that deserves to be recongnized for his skill.
by leolvr February 22, 2011
1. A talented actor with a quite diverse career, he has ranged from movies including "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" to "Titanic" to "Shutter Island" to "The Wolf of Wall Street", he can play multiple characters and speak in multiple accents as he has shown in blood diamond where he spoke in a African accent. Although almost every movie he is in, is critically acclaimed, he has never won an Oscar although many people say that he should have by now, multiple times.
"Who's that sexy guy in Catch Me If You Can?"

"Mm that's Leonardo Dicaprio, he's one of the sexiest actors alive, isn't he talented!"
by Madison P May 14, 2015
The sexiest man alive, AKA Chiara Focardi's soon-to-be husband.
Leonardo DiCaprio can rock a cowboy outfit, a suit of armor, and being butt naked. Can you?
by MrsDiCaprio December 07, 2010
A man who always could not get the Oscar.
“the ACTOR in a Leading Role is.......”
"I'm sorry,Leonardo Dicaprio."
by oooooooooohmygod August 20, 2014
Getting head while standing on the upper decks of a cruise ship at the front of the ship, while standing on your toes and shouting "I'm the king of the world!" It is meant to mimic the scene from the film the Titanic. Deed must be photographed by a fellow passenger for true bragging credit.
"Dude, check out this pic where this chick was giving me a Leonardo Dicaprio!?
by Renee's Bill December 17, 2012
the butt of the longest no oscar prank ever
leonardo dicaprio baby still doesnt have an oscar
by plasticscissors March 02, 2014
An actor so miserable that he never won an Oscar
A: Hey,look.I think he'll won on Oscar this year.
B: No he won't.He's just another Leonardo DiCaprio
by LeBron1995 March 08, 2014

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