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Hottest guy to ever live. He became every girls fantasy after starring in "Titanic". That movie captures every girls heart. He has currently been in "The Departed" and "Blood Diamond".

"DANGGG YO. Have you seen Leonardo Dicaprio in his new movie?! IT WAS THE SHIZZ!"
by Laurennnnnn December 13, 2006
The dream of nearly every heterosexual woman in America.
Even my mother is fond of Leonardo diCaprio. Not exactly I though.
by K@ E. April 26, 2007
Transcends gender. One of the rare people that, without exception, EVERYONE wants to fuck.
"Hey, let's go jump Leonardo Dicaprio before the rest of the world does!"
by Annabug March 03, 2009
A good actor and an amazingly hot man.
Leonardo Dicaprio is very sexy.
by yepyep456 May 26, 2009
He is a wonderful actor, and an inspiring environmentalist. He has played in many films. He's most known for his movie Titanic, as he played as Jack Dawson. He's recently produced a documentary called the 11th Hour and is an executive producer to the Planet Green's new series Greensburg.
A Leonardo DiCaprio is
A bangable actor.
He's married, to me.
An inspiring man though, and a true green citizen of the United States!
by Devin Lowery June 16, 2008
A man that can be only described as on thing...


He would make straight men gay and lesbians straight...
When you hear his voice, you want to honestly scream, and when you see him without a shirt, you want to fuck him.
Leonardo DiCaprio is sex, and sex is Leonardo DiCaprio.
by Miss. DiCaprio July 22, 2010
The cutest actor ever. He's cute, hilarious, and HOT. He almost won an award for Titanic, but I'm ANGRRRRRRRRRRY that he didn't win it.
Leonardo DiCaprio is hot as hell.
by Leonardo DiCaprio Lover February 25, 2010
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